---9:40 A.M, Tuesday, July 02, 2002---

       Once again, just so you all know, no, you are not lost in the vast space that is the world wide web... you are exactly where you should be!  Welcome to "In a Reverie", the brand new version/look for "Kero-chan's Clow Sanctuary"!  Morning all! 
In A Reverie's updates will all now come in the morning, before my summer school!  -.-()  This morning, I can proudly announce that I am an Artist on the staff of "Dreamin' Along"!.  And not only that, but as this page goes, I now have an affiliate.  Kero-chan's profile is also now up.  I must get going now, or else I will end up being late to school.  Thank you for coming!  Continue to visit, please!  Tell you friends!  Tell your little brothers and sisters!  Tell your cat, if ya want!  Help "In A Reverie" grow!
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