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Sano Image Gallery
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    You want to see Sano's Soul, don't you? Well, you've come to the right place. I've accomplished stealing Sano's soul. And it's out for you to see.

     Feel free to take as many images as you want. I don't claim all of these images mine 'coz I got most of them from other sites^_^

     If you see any of your images taken from your site,
e-mail me and I'd be happy to remove it, recognise you for it or link your page here.

     Or if you have anything to say to me, Tochi, just
mail me. I love recieving ^_^happy^_^ mail from other Rurouni Kenshin fans (ps. please be sure to tell me that you came from this site). and if you want to vote for your Sano or any other Rurouni Kenshin guy, go here to my Main page: Aishiteru and mail me your vote ^_~

And incase your wondering, I did the background all by myself!!! Atleast you can be sure it's mine.

Your in for a special treat, Click here to see a picture you can't see anywhere but here! Sorry for poor visual quality. It WILL be improved
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Sure, I'm not shy today!!!
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