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March 31, 2005
added UZC #358

Well, look at that. Technically, I updated twice today. But it's past midnight, so I updated again. It's continuing from yesterday's UZC, so if you missed it, go see that one first. Today also continues my adventure in using different styles for the comic, and different formats and views and such. To think this collection of odd inside jokes would ever look like an actual comic. =^u.u^=

 UZC Quote Of The Day:

anarchy in thega: stupid AIM booting everyone in the world
anarchy in thega: i thought everyone left the chat to leave me with the brit
anarchy in thega: so i was all "; ; *scared of teeth and crumpets*"
anarchy in thega: so i left
anarchy in thega: and AIM was all "aiee *implode*"

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