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April 29, 2005
added UZC #365

Has it been two years already? Wow. Clearly, this year hasn't been as busy as the last one; I only got a hundred of these things done. Overall, it adds up to one every other day, which is still pretty good. Anyway, I'm going along the path of least resistance, which is the good ol' running joke. It just took a little longer this time. Don't expect this kind of commitment in all UZCs; it's the kind of thing that ruins the entire premise of the comic (that I can't draw people).

 UZC Quote Of The Day:

kiz503: *pulls out a banjo*
brave new purity: no no no
brave new purity: there are no banjos in zeo
brave new purity: it's all kazoos here
kiz503: or a kazeo
kiz503: as it's localy known
brave new purity: true
brave new purity: in your case a kizzoo
kiz503: :O
brave new purity: gesundheit

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