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April 30, 2005
added UZC #366

I've been laughing at this comic all day. I love it, but part of me hates it, and hates myself for making it. I swear, I'll use people more sparingly in the future, if at all - I'll also never use the Penny Arcade style, you have my word on that. I'd like to thank Pur again, for the Six Flags backgrounds (she's a freakin' background machine lately). Additionally, I added archive commentary from 121 to 135, as well as special guest commentary from admin, bunny, and the Keanu Reeves to my Hugo Weaving, Anguris Neo.

 UZC Quote Of The Day:

Kyattsuai7: IlIlIlIlllllIIIIIlIlIlIlllllllllIIll

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