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August 23, 2005
added UZC #382

I had this pencilled out for a couple of days now, but I did not anticipate getting a DS, which has been a distraction to say the least. I'm getting Nintendogs today or tomorrow, so that should be the last nail in the "updating normally" coffin. I wonder if the Twinkie dog is one of the unlockable breeds...

 UZC Quote of the Day:

ninja neko jaden: a lot of dirty old men flirted with me
ninja neko jaden: ;_;
ninja neko jaden: like, when i was leaving my hotel, this guy asked me about my character
ninja neko jaden: i told him, that I was a hunter
ninja neko jaden: so he went all suggestive like "what do you do when you catch your prey"
ninja neko jaden: and I was like... "I stab them and kill them ^^"

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