Minineko, the star of at least four of my comics, is a green cat whose hobbies include shedding, lighting stuff on fire, and needlepoint.
"Top of the food chain"

Pur, webmaster of Zeo, and former lobster, is a source of sanity in an otherwise insane comic. She's not without her shenanigans, though.
The Echiduck
"The artist formerly known as Ech"

The Echiduck. I can't even think of how to begin describing him. He's a duck or a platypus, depending on who you ask. His third eye gives him telekinetic powers, but only enough to keep people from realizing the slight resemblance to Golduck.
"I'm sooo the bunny!"

Ang has a pair of red sunglasses that make him look like a badass. Unfortunately, he also has a pixie version of himself. He loses badass points for that.
"King of the Badasses"

Gloom is your typical wolf-dog in a trenchcoat. That is to say, he's unique, just like every other character in the UZC.
"The thumbless samurai"

Mars is a master swordsmole, even if he has to duct tape the sword on his paw. As you may have noticed, duct tape is quite the commodity in the UZC.
"Danger Fish"

Roy, being a goldfish, has to stay in a bowl of water. The bowl is rather boring and accident-prone, but Roy needs it to protect his low HP.
"Some party rooster..."

Nick is a rooster. He looks happy; it must be his year.
"The blue mouse in the UZC"

It seems like Andy would be in danger, being in a comic starring a cat, but I think he should look out for squirrels.
"More than just a female, purple Minineko"

Jaden is the second cat in the UZC. Considering that there are about four at the moment, I would have to say that she got in on the ground floor; cats are hella cool.
"The evilest squirrel on Earth"

Squirrels are evil. Cal is particularly evil, since he has a knife. Whenever Cal gets mad, his tail becomes all spiky. That's when you know the proverbal crap is going to hit the fan.
"The outdated reference gator"

Poink hatched from the same egg as Yolky, and has inherited some of its wackiness, indeed. The character is mostly known for saying something outdated, then getting hurt; what a routine!
"Yes, he's a mongoose"

Mongooses (mongeese) are fierce little scratchy things that can scratch the hell out of cobras. Too bad there are no cobras in the UZC.
"...to the EXTREME!"

Some characters have hair, despite not being mammals, but Bolt is just strange, as he is a starfish with an actual face. Surprisingly, there are six other things in the UZC that make even less sense.
"Most Likey Poisonous"

Bill is a snake, and has the honor of being in the last old-style UZC, and the last new one too (as of April 11, 2005).
"International Thing of Mystery"

The mystery of MT lies in his eyes, which he has 2-8 of, depending on how much time I'm willing to put into drawing him.

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"The worst UZC character ever"

This notorious yolk was created as a result of one of Minineko's insanity-induced hallucinations. It is running for president with the Seizure Party in 2008.
The Ang Pixie
"Love to hate it, or vice versa"

The Ang Pixie is a mysterious little critter that spreads love to everyone in the UZC. Except Ang; this pixie really boils his stew, whatever that means.
Disco Diver
"Get down"

The Disco Diver was quickly rejected as Roy's bowlmate, partially because there wasn't room, partially because he's carying a trident, and partially... well, just look at the thing.
The iNferno Demon
"10,000 songs... of evil!"

Who is this creature who lurks among normal, innocent animals, corrupting their very souls? This liason to CWK has at least six brothers (even more if I ever decide to update the damn thing again).
The Illustrator

The creator of the UZC, and even CWK and WOI. He's a master of comics and three-letter abbreviations. He also has a high opinion of himself and refers to himself in the 3rd person in cast pages.