"Man ths is some of the funniest stuff on the internet" ~Gigglyduff2002
"You are one very disturbed cat-man." ~Dr N Ashtear
"Looking good Kyatt, looking really good." ~ThaBouncer
"i'm sooo the bunny" ~AngurisNeo
"I love being an oldbie. I get all of the jokes!" ~Vegeta15
"Before the Unofficial Zeo Comic life had no meaning, I was exhausted from living life meaninglessly day by day. So, When Kyatt started designing the UZC I was a bit disbelieving, but after I read the 1st comic I was obsessed! Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Kyatt and his ingenious program people like me have a nice comic to come home to. And with that, the world can become a healthier place! Thanks Kyatt!!!" ~Molt
"UZC iz t3h Pwn4ge" ~Freon The Ice Master
"There are some things in today's society that ruin your morals and take away your childesh innocence. The Unofficial Zeo Comic is one of those things that strengthens the American way of life and shows everyone, everywhere, that if they put their minds to it and try really hard, they too can be drawn as an amusing animal." ~Andy Light Kai
"Kyatt, your comic is demented...and it scares me. in other words its cool" ~adamgnome7
"Now i actually have a reason to surf the internet. Zeo really need this thing...very funny and well put together." ~Rockets shellder
"wow I love this comic. first it has good strips, 2 love the art 3 talking animals....nothing can beat talking animals...." ~Princess myuu
"man, that comic is great...i could rant about it for hours...that's after i add it to my favorites and look at it everyday...*drools*..." ~Bolt2K4
"OMFG!!!! LOLZ!!! LMAO!!!!" ~ZapdosTwentyEight
"This amuses me greatly ^-^ MORE MORE MORE!!!" ~Armania
"This shizzle ROCKS!! Kyatt, you're hilarious.. XD" ~Sno
"lol, those are hilarious" ~Psycho Cat
"Great job kyatt, awesomeness to the Xtreme" ~HiroX
"this is great! cant wait till the next one!" ~Fangor
It's things like this that make me we to shout: 'AAAAAAH! WHAT'S YOUR FREAKIN' DAMAGE?!'" ~BPM.EXE
"yeah, it rocks! ^^ and to do the whole, cheesy line thing... my name is nat. nat is cool because it rhymes with kyatt, the creator of the unofficial zeo comic. my life is now complete!" ~nat
"The internet are being fulled with fun and games!" ~AnimeSteve
"uhhhhh explain to me again why i'm a lobster?" ~purity
"I love your comic kyatt, it rocks beyond all comparison =D" ~blurby
"Hehehe...it's like a living mirror. ;D" ~JD Gloom
"Ahh this is great!! Echiduck is funny (oh the irony of Ech being a Golduck). I especially loved Echiduck's look on his face when he said "Only you can prevent internet fires". Very funny comics, I can't wait to see more." ~Wobbuffet
"I forgot to tell you how cool those are! If I weren't already worshipping myself, I'd worship you!" ~The S
"I LOVE IT! i think my gut busted...." ~Zeke
"Hehehe, I just looked at these for the first time today, and I love em. Can't wait to see the next ones!" ~EspeonX
"These are pretty fun... (Er, funny.)" ~Zak
"I viewed all of them and Kyatt I think you can go commercaiL!" ~Gigglyduff2002
"the highlight of my day is finally here! More Please!" ~Master Of Raichus
" I don't really consider the UZC to be just a movie. It's an expression of society as a whole, never really afraid to do what other movies won't." ~MarsGuo16

some quotes courtesy of the Zeo Forums

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