Just so you know, i'm still working on this page, and this is not the complete history of minineko; it will, until i say otherwise, be under construction.

Minineko, like hinduism, has no specific starting date. For a long while, it didn't have a name (i just called it "cat", as some of you may remember) and for a longer time, it didn't even have a gender (i felt that minineko was based on my own cats, who are both female, but it's also based on kyattsuai, who is not).

Minineko's first design was made somewhere in late 1999, or early 2000. Since then, it went through about 4 design changes. Below is a "timeline" of minineko's changes.

the evolution of minineko

The first minineko was a quick doodle of a sleeping cat. About a year or so later, i made what was then known as the "pouncing cat". The next year, i made the cat that is now the most familiar design, which i used many times. This minineko had no visible legs, and this is how people got the idea that it was a very furry cat. I would later add legs, and whiskers, but it was still the furry green cat that it always was. This is about the time that i named the cat "minineko", by the way. The most recent cat is a completely different design from the other crazier cats, but is still as much minineko as any other one =^n.n^=

Cats have been the focus of my artistic endeavors for a years, and have also been my online symbol. I, Kyattsuai, have been associated with a green cat ever since the days of PA!, where i used a random image script to make "Cat Sez". Cat Sez was a series of 99 pictures of Minineko saying random silly things, which would appears as my avatar; below are some examples.

Cat Sez, in which Cat says irrelevant things

I understand that this cat was horribly drawn, even for UZC standards =^u.u^=, but i drew it with a mouse on psp3, which isn't exactly the best graphics program.

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