Here's a list of the mininekocons, complete with meanings (this will be ammended once i remember more of them, i only normally use about 6)

=^o.o^= normal minineko/blank stare/confusion

=^-.-^= sigh

=^0.0^= surprise

=^O.o^= confusion/questioning

=^n.n^= happy

=^u.u^= silly

=^>.<^= frustration

=^oVo^= angry minineko

=^z.z^= sleepy

=^x.x^= dead

=^@[email protected]^= dizzy/confused

=^e.e^= glare/rolling eyes

=^o.o;^= stressed/sweatdrop

=^.o^= minineko with people's eyebrow

=^p.o^= monacle minineko

=^g.g^= tired minineko

~^9.9^~ angel eyes minineko

now you know how to use the mininekocons, enjoy

~kyatt =^n.n^=

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