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Ladies Circle Voorne History

Now, what have we done these past years?

Carina de Bruijne (chairman), Jolanda van Dijk (secretary), Marina Vasenna (treasurer), Barbara van Buuren (4th woman)

LC Voorne grows to 19 members. But Anna Pangalila and Haike Zaman left (alas!) after reaching the age of 45. Down to 17 members. 10 members went to the AGM in Heidelberg. Veronique Stern became LCI president there!

Nienke Lieman (chairman), Marleen Keijzerwaard (vice-chairman), Winifred Tange (secretary), Marina Vasenna (treasurer)

Happy New Millennium to everyone!
August 26: during the LCI AGM in Sun City, South Africa, our founder member Veronique Stern becomes Vice-President of the Ladies' Circle International board. Congratulations!
We hosted the international board of LCI in October. Two of our members attended the Mid Term Meeting in Brasov Romania. A very special occassion with unique experiences. A charity cinema evening was held for two serviceprojects in March. We raised 3500 EURO which we will donate to a Romanian orphanage and to a young woman in Poland who needs an orthopaedic chair because of her severe muscular illness. Anke-Thea Dijkman is candidate Secretary for the National Board of LC Netherlands.
LC Voorne grows to 17 members.

Tanja Philipse (chairman), Angelika Waldraff (board member), Dominique Boelen (secretary), Rianne Tielrooij (treasurer)

Our biggest serviceproject ever is for Manege zonder drempels. LC Voorne publishes an art book, already a sales success before publication. Book sales and art auction made about 20.000 EURO for the multiple handicapped at the Manege.
As always, LC Voorne members attend the Annual General meeting of LC International. This year in Stavanger.
Celebrations are in order for our 5th charter anniversary. A weekend out for the Voorne Circlers and their partners. Inez, Rianne, Angelika and Helen leave the Circle for various reasons (age limit, house move, other activities).

Anke-Thea Dijkman (chairman), Jacqueline van Helsdingen (secretary), Rianne Tielrooij (treasurer)

LC Voorne organises and hosts the LCNL AGM. Our member Veronique Stern becomes LCNL President.
LC Voorne wins “Goosefeather” for best contributions to the LCNL newsletter, Circulaire. Lottery, proceeds are for
holiday camps for children with Cystic Fibrosis . We are also the lucky winners of the travel fund draw. In September the first national Circle Fair was held, organised by the LCNL Service council. In December we organised a Christmas evening for the elderly with barbershop choir Sound Waves. The LCI meeting this year was in Cyprus

Haike Zaman (chairman), Carina de Bruijne (secretary), Anna Pangalila (treasurer),

We donate the name “Circulaire” to the LCNL Newsletter
Hair/beauty schools, proceeds are to support people with cancer
LC Voorne-member Veronique Stern, elected as Vice-President of LCNL during the LCNL AGM
Lottery & street-collection for SOS Children’s Villages.
The LCI AGM this year was in India.

Inez Postema (chairman), Nienke Lieman (secretary), Tanja Philipse (treasurer)

Our member Anke-Thea Dijkman becomes chairman of LCNL Service Council to co-ordinate the national project for SOS Children’s Villages. Anna & Anke-Thea visit Gdansk for the charter of the first Ladies' Circle in Poland. And Marjan and Veronique attend the LCI AGM in Manchester, UK.

Marjan van der Linden (chairman), Mariëtte Trouw (secretary), Angelika Waldraff (treasurer)

Bridge-drive, proceeds for Aidscenter
Garden-sale, proceeds for Aidscenter.
The LCI AGM this year was in Götenborg, Sweden.

Veronique Stern (chairman), Nens Groendijk (vice-chairman/treasurer), Anke-Thea Dijkman (secretary)

Street-lottery for Aidscenter
Publishing of the first “Circulaire”
Children’s fashion show (proceeds for the charter service-project: a childrens’ educational health centre)
Oct. 8th, Ladies’ Circle no. 40 VOORNE is chartered to become an official member of Ladies Circle Netherlands.

Veronique Stern (chairman), Nens Groendijk (vice-chairman/treasurer), Anke-Thea Dijkman (secretary)

First serviceproject at a workplace for the disabled
Christmas afternoon for people with aphasia

Veronique Stern (chairman), Nens Groendijk (vice-chairman), Anke-Thea Dijkman (secretary), Leonoor Jacquemijns (treasurer)

Formation of the club (10 members)
During 2 1/2 years, Veronique Stern & Anke-Thea Dijkman lead this Circle into its very active future.
Since 1994 a new board is chosen every year in April.

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