Common Core Arts | Mar. 2009

Language Quiz

  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb

    1. Leila likes to jogging in the morning.   
    2. Peter never weightlifting.    
    3. He usually tennis with his sister.   
    4. Ali rugby with his school team.   
    5. He often gymnastics.   
    6. Leila prefers to skiing all the time.    
    7. Ali usually Ping-Pong with his sister, Leila.    

  2. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the list:

    in – on – at - under – across from

    1. My house is the bank.    
    2. We usually eat couscous Fridays.    
    3. It is very hot July here.    
    4. We usually go to school 7:30 in the morning.    
    5. My brother was born 1994..    

  3. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word from the list:

    her – hers – them – She - his – He - theirs - me – him – ours – They

    1. My parents are generous. are not mean.    
    2. My father always takes to school.    
    3. These books are not . They are the teacher’s.    
    4. My sister is a nurse. works in a large hospital.    
    5. My friend have got laptops; but these ones are not .    
    6. Samya is a doctor. My sister works with in the same hospital.    
    7. My father is a driver. drives a lorry.    
    8. Brahim has got a laptop; but this one is not .    
    9. Ali and Ahmed are my close friends. I always go to school with .    

  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.
    1. Last year, many students [participate] in the school project.    
    2. I [do] my homework everyday.    
    3. Next weekend, my friends and I [go] on a picnic.    
    4. Yesterday, my sister [fry] chips for dinner.    

  5. Put the words between brackets in their correct form    (1 points)
    1. My grandfather had four [wife] .    
    2. Majda is [nasty] her sister.    
    3. To my mind, Tangiers is [beautiful] city in the kingdom.    
    4. Ali is [good] his brother at Physics.    
    5. What is [dirty] city in the world?    
    6. Anna is [terrible] at English.    

  6. Put in the negative form.
    1. Brahim makes couscous.    
    2. My uncle had a motorcycle.    
    3. The boys are going to watch TV.    

  7. What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer?
    1. We were at the theatre last night.    
    2. No, Ali was not at the cinema.    
    3. There were two people in the car.    
    4. I usually get up at 6 O’clock.    
    5. They sometimes make cakes.    
    6. This bicycle is Rabha's.    
    7. No, I never drink coffee in the evening.    

  8. Complete these sentences
    1. I hate , but I love
    2. I can , but my sister
    3. I'm tired of
    4. I'm fed up with


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