Read the text carefully

Hi everybody! My name is Aicha. I am a Moroccan doctor aged 42. I am married and I have got two children, Ali 10 and Fatima 7. They are primary school students. I work in a big hospital in Casablanca but I live in Rabat. My husband has got a new car but I havenít got one. I go to work by train.

    1. Answer these questions:
      1. What is Aicha?  
      2. How old is she?  
      3. What nationality is she?  
      4. What does "they" in line 2 refer to?  
      5. What does "one" in line 4 refer to?  

    2. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY
      1. Aicha is single.  
      2. She has got two sons.  
      3. Her husband hasn't got a car.  
      4. Aicha lives in Rabat.  

    3. Give the opposite of the words in bold.
      1. big  
      2. new  



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