Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 1 Agenda

    1.     Review class policies and online resources [10 min]

    2.     Set up class e-mail accounts on Yahoo   [15 min]

    3.      Review online resources [15 min]

    Class website:

    CompTIA A+ Certification Site
    Objectives and Changes in CompTIA A+ Hardware & OS Exams

    The PC Guide | Systems and Components Reference Guide
    How Stuff Works -- Computers 

    MCMCSE Study Center

    Computer Lexicon

    PC Troubleshooting Guide
       [while it lasts]

    PC Mech Bios Reference

    Lycos Basic Hardware and Windows Tutorials,,,00.html
    (For Windows 9.x specific tutorials, click here)

    Lycos BIOS troubleshooter,,139+24491+6247,00.html

    A+ Practice Tests:   

    2.   History of the PC Intro to PC Hardware: components of a computer [30 min]

    See also: PC Guide: system components reference guide; MCMCSE Study Guide

    3.  Lab 1: Exploring the PC [60 min]
      1. Identify external hardware ports and components + basic configuration features
      2. Check LEDs Identify hardware components
      3. Boot the operating system
      4. Basic Control Panel Options: Date/Time, Display, System,
      5. Examine Device Manager, examine Printers folder
      6. Use DOS command-line session (keyboard practice)


    Answer questions in Labs_1 handout. (Complete additional exercises at home,
    if you have a computer that permits you to do this.)

    Complete Technical Skills Assessment Surveys

    Read Andrews, A+ in Depth, Chapter 1. Start learning key vocabulary terms on p. 36

    If you have Internet access, check out the tutorials at the MCMCSE and Hardware Central websites. You may want to try downloading and installing the Tutorial Website provided on our main class page.

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