Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 21 Agenda

    1.   Electricity team contest

    2.      Inspect CMOS settings for Power Management See A+ in Depth, p. 168-170

            Complete Meyers Labs

    On an ATX system, see if you can trace the wire running from the power switch on the
                   front panel to a jumper on the motherboard. (Read part b, but don't use a screw driver to
                   connect the two jumpers, as Meyers suggests.)

          6.2: Be sure your multimeter is set to measure AC voltage, as shown on Meyers, p. 73.
                 Carefully measure the three AC voltage settings that Meyers describes on p. 72-74
                 and record your readings

                 Hot to neutral ______________

                 Neutral to ground ___________

                 Hot to ground _____________

          We don't need to repeat the measurements of the DC motherboard voltage in the Meyers lab.

                Time permitting, Alonzo may show us how to measure resistance with the Ohm setting on the multimeter

          2.1  We're beginning our study of the Motherboard chapter by identifying CPUs.

                1. Look at the chips in the picture on p.15 of the Meyers lab manual. Compare them to the chips in your computer.

                    Note any differences you see: ________________________________________________________


                3.   Identify the type of fan used by your CPU (with hinge/without hinge/screw down)



                5.  Use Internet resources to fill in the following tables

    CPU External Data Bus Bits Address Bus Bits
    Intel 8086    
    Intel 80286    
    Intel 80386DX    
    Intel 80386SX    
    AMD AM386DX    
    AMD AM386SX    
    Intel 80486DX    
    AMD AM486DX    
    Intel Pentium I    
    AMD K5    
    AMD K6    
    Intel Pentium Pro    
    Intel Pentium II    
    Intel Pentium III    
    AMD Athlon    
    AMD Duron    
    Intel Pentium IV    


    Maker CPU Type Package Bus Speed (Mhz)

    L1         |          L2

    Clock Speed
    Intel Pentium III750        
    AMD Athlon 600        
    AMD Duron 800        
    Intel Celeron 566        
    AMD K6-2 475        
    Intel Pentium II 450        

    7. Identify the fan types shown in Meyers Figure 2-3 on p.17

    Meyers Lab 2.2 (Socket City) 
    2. Identify the different socket types in Figure 2-5 on Meyers P.20

         A. ____________________

         B. ____________________

         C. ____________________

         D. ____________________

         E. ____________________


    3.   Draw a line to match each CPU with its corresponding socket type

    CPU                                                                   Socket Type

    Pentium P54C                                                      Socket 370

    Pentium Pro                                                          Slot 1

    Celeron (II) 600                                                   Socket A

    Athlon 1200                                                          Socket 8

    Pentium II                                                              Socket 7


    The following links may be useful for the Meyers CPU labs:

    MCMCSE Study Guide- Processors

    See ( for a near-complete listing of Intel CPUs.
    See Erols com ( and CPU Socket and Slot Criteria for pictures and info about CPUs, sockets, and slots.


    Review/study for A+ in Depth chapter 4 quiz ,tomorrow

    Begin reading A+ in Depth Chapter 5 on Motherboards, review the material on CPUs and
    chipsets from page 175-202.  Complete Meyers Labs 2.l - 2.2, if possible, using Internet
    resources to look up information on CPU types, eternal data bus, address bus, and socket form factors.



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