Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 25 Agenda

    1.  Class projects status report 

    2.   A+ in Depth Chapter 5 team contest
    3.    Collect Day 21, Day 22 Agenda sheets to check fill-ins

    4.  Lab work 
        a)   Finish Meyers Labs 4.1, 4.2

        b))   Search for and download User Manual for ASUS TX97E motherboard
    (Hint go to Google and enter keywords: asus TX97E user manual download)

       This file (tx97e-112.pdf) is in Adobe Acrobat format. To read it, you'll need to download
           and install Adobe Acrobat Reader from this link.

       c)   Open the TX97E user manual in Acrobat Reader and answer the following questions:   

             1) Which Intel chipset does the motherboard use?      ____________

             2) How big is the level 2 cache on the system board?          _________

             3) What kind of RAM does the system board support?          _______

             4)  Is the motherboard ACPI compliant?                                     _______

              5) What is the Front Side Bus frequency for use with a Pentium 133 (P54C) CPU?


               6) What is the ratio of the CPU speed to the FSB speed?        ______

               7) What jumper settings need to be configured for this ration?

                 (FS stands for ___________?    BS stands for ___________?)

                                                                                                         FS2: ___       FS1: ___

                                                                                                         FS0: ___       BF1: ___

                                                                                                         BF2: ___       BF0: ___

        8) How should the Power on button for the computer behave when the
            the PWR Button <4 Secs setting under the CMOS
            Power Management section is set to "Suspend?"  __________________________


            Would you expectl this power button setting work if the motherboard is configured
             to use an AT power supply instead of an ATX power supply? ____________    


    Finish Meyers Lab 4.2 at home, if you have the lab manual.

    Have written answers or flash cards for Ch. 5, questions 1-28 ready to inspect in class, tomorrow.

    Fill in answers to questions in yesterday's "Configuring System Board Frequencies" handout:
    (clock multipliers and Review Questions 1-6 on next page)

    Review A+ in Depth, Chapter 6 on Managing Memory, p. 241-.264 for class discussion later this week
    Try answering questions 1-8 on pages 273-275..



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