Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 29 Agenda

    1.   Confirm class project assignments

    2.    Review Chapter 6 and 7 concepts.

         Here's a good link to explain what's going on with the clock
           multiplier, front-side bus, and memory speeds on modern motherboards.

           Formatting a floppy disk follows four steps:





          The first sector of the disk, called _________________ stores information about
          the number of sectors and the number of bits in each FAT entry. If the disk is formatted

          to be bootable, it also includes a ________________ near the end of _____________.

         The size of the floppy disk FAT th is ____________.

         Following the floppy FAT is the _______________________, which stores the
         following information:





      The four basic file attributes for each file are ________, __________,

       __________, and __________, which can be changed with the

      DOS ____________ command.

    3. Team Contest on Chapter 7 (floppy disk) questions.

    4. Check homework: day 26 and day 27 fill-ins, hexadecimal fill-ins,
         ch. 7 questions 1-10

    5. Lab Work

        a)   Complete DOS Boot Disk Exercise #2.

        b) See A+ in Depth, p. 290-292
             boot into Windows 98 and perform the following exercises:
             1) Open Windows Explorer and create a shortcut on your desktop to the floppy drive.
                 Open the shortcut and verify that it works.

             2) Open the properties for your floppy disk from the icon in Windows Explorer. Check
                  out the options on the various tabs.

             3) Create a new textfile called "My Text" on the floppy drive. Once the file has been
                 created, right-click and observe the options available on its shortcut menu.

              4) Open your floppy disk in Windows Explorer (or use your desktop shortcut) and
                   create a new folder called Download. Then create a subfolder under it called

              5) Delete the Games subfolder, then open the Shortcut Menu for Download and
                   make it Read-Only. See if you can delete the folder or create new files in it, after you
                   make this change.


    Have Day 25 - Day 29 Agenda fill-ins and DOS bootdisk exercise ready for inspection.

    Review Chapter 6 concepts and questions for a quiz on Tuesday.

    Review the floppy-drive installation and troubleshooting procedures in A+ in Depth, Chapter 7
    p. 294-301.Review vocabulary and chapter questions

    Begin reading A+ in Depth, Chapter 8 on hard disks. study the following vocabulary
    concepts: IDE, EIDE, ATAPI, ATA, ATA-2, ATA-3, Ultra-ATA, Ultra DMA/33,
    Ultra ATA/66, Ultra DMA/66, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/133 from the table on page

    Also be familiar with these Ch. 8 vocabulary terms and concepts from the beginning of the chapter: Primary & Secondary IDE channel, Master/Slave, SCSI, IEEE 1394, low-level formatting, high-level formatting, heads, cylinders, sectors per track, CHS (or normal mode), Extended CHS Mode, LBA (logical block addressing).


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