Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 32 Agenda

    1.   Hand back/review Ch. 6 quizzes

    2. Discuss Chapter 8 (hard disk) concepts:

         See Day 31 Agenda on Storage Size Limitations

       Vocabulary for this section of the chapter:

    IDE, EIDE, ATAPI, ATA, ATA-2, ATA-3, Ultra-ATA, Ultra DMA/33,
    Ultra ATA/66, Ultra DMA/66, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/133

    Primary & Secondary IDE channel, Master/Slave, SCSI, IEEE 1394, low-level formatting, high-level formatting, heads, cylinders, sectors per track, CHS (or normal mode), Extended CHS Mode, LBA (logical block addressing).

    3. Review Hard Disk Partitioning and Formatting

    4. Chapter 8 Review Team Contest

    5. Check vocabulary homework, Meyers Lab 5.2 and Day 29 and Day 30 fill-ins.

    6. Lab Work

       Fill in as many hard disk benchmarks as you can from the DOS
       version of the AIDA diagnostic program (See Day 31 Agenda)

       Do Meyers Labs 8.2 and 8.3 using a second physical hard drive             


    Study for midterm, next week on Thursday, next week.

    Work on research projects

    Read A+ in Depth Chapter 10, study (and attempt to answer)
    questions 1-17 on p. 449-451

    Finish reading A+ in Depth Chapter 8, and prepare for
    Team Contest on Chapter questions (p.348-351)

    See also Digital Concern IDE Drives page for useful information.


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