Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 36 Agenda

    1 . Hand back and review midterm

    2. Burning Windows 2000 CDs.

        a) Log into Windows XP
        b) Open My Network Places and go to
    Windows server with W2KPro ISO files
             (probably \\Image1 in the Workgroup group.)
        c) Right-click on folder with ISO files and map it to a network drive.
    Open the NTI CDMaker program and insert a blank CD-R into the CD-ROM drive.
         e) Choose Data -> Data CD icon
         f) Choose File -> Create Disc from ISO Disc Image File
         g) Leave Default settings, click Start    

    3. Check homework assignment (Ch. 10 questions)

    4. Discuss Chapter 10 Concepts

        In the past 10 years, three buses have been used for video adapters,

        _______, ________, and _______.    Of these three, the ____ bus runs

        at the same speed as the system bus. The most powerful feature of this

        newer bus, according to Andrews is _______, which speeds up video

        performance by ______________________________________________


        The standard AGP slot on a motherboard has ___ pins, and can transfer data at a

       speed of ____.   Another AGP standard called _____, has slots with ___ pins to provide
        extra voltage to the card.     

       AGP standards and speeds

       The original AGP specification was ____, which transferred __ cycles of
       data during a single clock beat.

       The AGP 2.0 specification defined ___, which transferred __ cycles of
        data during a single clock beat.

        The latest AGP standard (3.0) is defined as ___, which transfers __ cycles of
        data during a clock beat.

        The standard AGP slot uses a ___ volt slot identified by a notch at the right end
        of the slot or a ___ volt slot identified by a notch at the left end of the slot.
        See (

       Common types of video memory include ____, ____. and ____.

       List some steps that can be taken to troubleshoot video problems

       _________________      ________________

       _________________     ________________

       _________________     ________________

       _________________     ________________

       _________________      ________________

       5. Chapter 10 Team Contest

    Lab Work

    Finish video card installation lab from Day 35 Agenda

    Install and test sound card


    Work on research projects. We want to start doing these 10-minute presentations
    before Thanksgiving. They don't have to be giant projects. If you have a topic,
    make a list of important points you want to share with the class and how many minutes
    to spend on each point. We'll talk about this next week, so we can review your gameplans
    for your presentations.

    Finish reading A+ in Depth Chapter 11, and take notes. Answer Ch. 11 review questions
    1-17 on p. 490-493

    Important concepts in Chapter 11 to take notes on:

    Installing sound cards
    Identify CDROM file systems
    How CDROMS and DVDs interface with the motherboard
    Different technologies for burning CDs and DVDs
    How Tape Drives Work
    Different types of removable drives (ZIP, JAZ)
    How to troubleshoot CDROM, DVD, Tape Drives and Removable Drives.

    Start reading A+ in Depth Chapter 12, Supporting Windows 9x. You may
    already know a number of concepts discussed in this chapter. It might be
    helpful to prepare a list of questions on topics in Chapter 12 that you want
    to discuss in class. (Pay particular attention to the table on page 521.)

    Start taking A+ practice tests on the Core Exam. Install the CD in the
    back of your book and see Passitnow, MCMCSE and other websites.


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