Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 37 Agenda

    1. Questions from A+ Practice Tests

    2. Chapter 10, Team contest

    3. Check homework assignment (Ch. 10 questions)

    4. Lab Work

    Finish video card installation lab from Day 35 Agenda
    Examine the AGP slot in your computer to determine if it's AGP 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0.

    Install and test sound card
    Check out picture of soundcard on A+ in Depth, p. 457.

    If your computer already has a soundcard, remove the listing from
    Device Manager, shut down the machine, remove, and reinsert the card.

    Follow as much of the procedure on p. 458-459 as you can.
    Check for the
    cable that connects the soundcard to the CD-ROM drive. We may have
    extra ones in the back.

    If Win98 doesn't detect the soundcard automatically, you may need to search
    the Internet for a device driver that works.

    When the sound card drivers have been installed, test it by plugging in
    a set of speakers or headphones and play some test files in the Windows
    Media Player. (Read "Troubleshooting Sound Problems on p. 486 of
    A+ in Depth

    CDROM drives

    Change the drive letter for your CD-ROM drive by going into
    Device Manager and accessing the CD-ROM properties.

    Insert a Win98 CD into the drive and observe that the autoplay menu
    comes up automatically. Close the window, eject the disk and reinsert it,
    this time holding down the Shift Key. This should disable autoplay.
    (Autoplay works by running an autoplay program in the root directory of
    the CDROM drive.)

    See if you can go into the CDROM properties in Device Manager and
    disable the autoplay feature.

    Read the Troubleshooting guidelines for CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD,
    and DVD-RW on page 485-486 of A+ in Depth. Can you think of anything

    to add on burning CD-Rs from our lab experience?




    Meyers Windows 9.x Labs

    Start going through the Win9.x labs in Meyers Chapter 10, beginning
    with Lab 10.1 on page 118. We'll continue this, next week.


    Work on research projects. Have a list of important points related to
    your topic ready for discussion with instructor.

    Have Chapter 11 review questions 1-17 on p. 490-493 ready to check.

    Read as much of A+ in Depth Chapter 12, Supporting Windows 9x as you
    can over the weeke. You may already know a number of concepts discussed
    in this chapter. It might be helpful to prepare a list of questions on topics in
    Chapter 12 that you want to discuss in class. (Pay particular attention to the
    table on page 521, we'll explore these features in lab sessions.)

    If you have Windows 9.x installed, at home, you may want to go over the
    keyboard shortcuts listed in the table on p.523

    Write out answers to questions 1-13 on p. 563-563.

    Take A+ practice tests on the Core Exam. Install the CD in the
    back of your book and see Passitnow, MCMCSE and other websites.


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