Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 44 Agenda

1. A+ Practice questions

2. Review Chapter 13 Concepts on W2K/XP

a)  Dual-boot configurations from day43 agenda

   b)  Most Windows NT4 applications run under Windows 2000. What are some typical
        exceptions to this rule?

         ______________________      _____________________

       _________________     ________________

       _________________     ________________

    c)  The setup program used to start the Windows 2000 installation
        from within the Windows 9.x graphic interface is


      d)  After you have installed Windows 2000, you should perform
            the following system maintenance tasks:


     e)   How do you install new hardware in Windows 2000? ________________

           or ________________________.

3. Lab Work

    1. Complete yesterday's lab handout with descriptions of Windows 2000
          Computer Management services.

     2. Open the Local Users and Groups snap-in in Computer Management and
         create a User account with your own name.   Add this account to the
         Power Users group.

          Log in with this account (press Ctrl +Alt+Del for the Task Manager menu),
         then open Device Manager.   Do you have the power to add and remove hardware?


        Right-click My Network Places, right-click on the LAN connection and open
        the Properties.    Do you have the power to modify network settings? ______

          What privileges do Power Users have?  Can they add and remove printers? _____
         (Hint, use Windows Help to find the answer and discover the access privileges
         assigned to other Windows 2000 user groups. 

       3. Log on as Administrator again Use the Backup Utility to create an
           Emergency Repair Disk and back up the Registry.

           Find the Backup utility in the Start Menu and open it.
           Go to the Tools menu and choose "Create Emergency Repair Disk"
           Place a checkmark in the "Also back up System Registry" box and
           click OK.

           Win2K registry backups are stored in the \WINNT\Repair\Regback folder.

       4.  Time permitting, work on the additional W2K exercises in the new lab handout.


Complete Take Home Test on Windows 98 (A+ in Depth Chapter 12)

Work on research projects.

If you haven't had time to complete all of the lab exercises during class, consider
coming in during the afternoons to work on them.

Read A+ in Depth, Chapter 14, Managing and Troubleshooting Windows 2000. Prepare
a list of questions on concepts in this chapter that you want to discuss in class.

Be prepared for short team contest on questions 1-25
on p. 600-604 and questions 1-13 on p. 644-646.

If you have time, begin reading A+ in Depth, Chapter 15 on Installing and Using
Windows XP Professional. We'll do the install on either Tuesday or Wednesday of
next week.

Continue working with A+ practice tests.


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