Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 47 Agenda

1.  Hand back/review Ch. 12 (W98) takehome tests.

2. Ch. 13-14 Team Contest

3. Discuss Ch. 15 (Win XP) concepts

 a)  Differences between Win XP Home, Win XP Pro and older Windows
         operating systems (fill-ins from Day 46 agenda.

    b) Windows XP pre-installation procedures
          minimum and recommended hardware requirements

minimum recommended

hardware compatibility list

? __________________

? __________________

You can check your computer's software and hardware by running the Compatibility

Checker from the CD Install menu or enter ____________________________ at the

c) Upgrade or Clean Install

    Which Microsoft OSes can be upgraded to Win XP? ____________________________

    Which Microsoft OSes can be upgraded completely to XP
     (with all registry settings copied)?   __________________________

d) Windows XP installation demo

3.  Lab Work

    1.Perform Clean install of Windows XP

     2. Work on new Windows XP lab exercises


     Complete Ch. 13_14 Take Home Test for Tuesday.

    Work on research projects.

    Review A+ in Depth, Chapter 15, Installing and Using Windows XP Professional
    Read Chapter Summary on p. 679-680 and answer review questions 1-11 on p. 681-682.

   Begin reading A+ in Depth, Chapter 15.   If you have Windows XP installed at home,
   try working through any lab exercises that you don't finish in class.

    Continue working with A+ practice tests.


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