Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 48 Agenda

1. Student presentations

2.  Review basic Windows XP Interface

 a)   How can you add a missing icon to the desktop?
           (My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, etc. )


      b) How do you "pin" a program shortcut to the first level of the
           Start Menu?


     c)    How do you open/run Windows Update? ________________


     d)   What are some things significantly different about Windows Help?

           (which is now called _______________)


   e)   How do you change Wallpaper settings? ___________________


    f)    How do you change the default web browser, E-mail program, , media player,
           and messaging programs?


    g)     How do you change the Start Menu style to "Windows Classic?"


    h)    How do you change the Button and Window style to "Windows Classic?"


    i)     What is the "Desktop Cleanup Wizard" and how do you run it?


    j)      How do you run a game or other program in "256 Color" compatibility
            mode? (Can you switch to a 256-color display in the standard Display
            Settings? ______.)     


            What other Compatibility Mode options are available? ____________


    k)     How can you quickly create a new user in Control Panel? __________

            _________________.      What types of user can you create automatically?

           (When you use the simple tool in Windows 2000 Pro, what kind of users can
            you create? _________________________)

            How can you modify the type of user in Windows XP (group membership)
            using more advanced settings?


    l)     How do you start and use the System Restore utility to create and restore
            System Checkpoints?



      Lab Work

    1.   Do Lab 15.2 from last week's XP lab handout

    2. Create Windows Messenger contract, try Remote
           Assistance connection. (This requires a working net connection)
           See Using Remote Assistance.

        If we can't get onto Windows Messenger, you can create a
         personal invitation for assistance and save it as a file in
         your Shared Documents folder. If you share this folder, other
         people will be able to connect through My Network Places and
         open the invitation in Internet Explorer


    Review A+ in Depth, Chapter 16, Managing and Supporting Windows XP     Professional.

    Read Chapter Summary on p. 716-717 and make sure you know definitions
    of vocabulary terms on p. 717. Try answering review questions 1-11 on p. 717-719.

    Continue working with A+ practice tests.


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