Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 49 Agenda

1. Extra A+ Class study sessions

 I've made arrangements with Boku to conduct additional A+ Exam study sessions during

    the first two weeks of January at the regularly scheduled class times.

     That is:     6PM to 9PM   Tues: 1/6, Wednesday 1/7, Thursday 1/8
                                               Tues: 1/13, Wednesday 1/14, Thursday, 1/15

2.  Student presentations

3.  Team Contest on A+ in Depth Ch. 15-16)

4. Review Cert 21 Exam Questions

5.    Lab Work

    1.   Do Lab 15.2 from last week's XP lab handout

    2. Create Windows Messenger contract, try Remote
           Assistance connection. (This requires a working net connection)
           See Using Remote Assistance.

        If we can't get onto Windows Messenger, you can create a
         personal invitation for assistance and save it as a file in
         your Shared Documents folder. If you share this folder, other
         people will be able to connect through My Network Places and
         open the invitation in Internet Explorer

Suggested Homework

Read A+ in Depth Chapters 17 (Supporting Modems), 18 (PCs on a Network),
   and 19 (PCs on the Internet)
   Answer review questions for each chapter and study the vocabulary terms.

  If you have time, also look at Chapter 21 (Supporting Printers) and 22 (All About SCSI).

  Continue working with A+ practice tests.


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