Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 4 Agenda

    1.  Buy lab manuals and/or toolkits

    2.   Discussion of PC Hardware
          Examples of how hardware and software work together      
          Why have PCs grown more and more complicated?
          What does a hardware device need to be functional?
          Input and Output Devices -- examples

    3.   Check homework, review
          port and cable types
          Review answers to Ch. 1 questions 15-28 (and 5)

    4.  Prepare for Meyers Lab 1.3 Internal Components

    5.   Meyers Lab 1.3

         a)  Take cover off PC. Locate CPU chip.
               Is fan attached?   ________, is it easy to remove _______?

         b)  What kind of CPU is it                                         __________?

         c)    What kind of RAM does your PC have (SIMMS or DIMMS) _______?

         d)   How many and what kind of expansion slots are in your PC


          e)  How many and what kind of cards are in the expansion slots?


          f) Trace the wires that go from your power supply to the motherboard and to the floppy,  CDROM, and hard drive?

          g) Carefully disconnect and reconnect each device's cable (one at a time, in
               sequence, don't get confused).    See whether the cable will go on backward.
              (Don't force it, if it  won't go,)

          h)  Can you see any ways to make sure you connect the cables the right way?


          i)   See if you can locate any jumpers or DIP switches on your motherboard, but
                don't change the settings.

               See if you can identify the components in the picture on p. 12 of the lab manual.

               A. _____________

               B. _____________

               C. _____________

               D. _____________

               E. _____________

               F. _____________

               G. _____________

               H. _____________

               I.   _____________


    Complete fill-in for Meyers Lab 1.3 (above), study Meyers Lab 2.1, if you have the manual.

    See MCMCSE Study Guide- Processors for more notes on CPUs

    Review Andrews, Ch.1, pages 15-37. Write vocabulary definitions for terms
    on p.36-37, g through p.

    Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will assemble some new PCs from components in the lab!


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