Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 5 Agenda

    1.  Buy lab manuals and/or toolkits

    2.   Discussion of PC Hardware
          Review what we learned from disconnecting cables

    3.   Check homework, review vocabulary
           Motherboard component identification
         Newer Slot-1 Motherboard Picture
         motherboard component identification tutorial
         motherboard picture with labeled components

         Key terms: BIOS, bus, cards, cpu, chipset, clock speed, CMOS, data bus, data path size

    4. Removing cards
        We will practice removing and reinstalling the video card.

    5.  Removing the hard drive (See Meyers lab 8.4)

        a. Are IDE connections freestanding?   ____ or surrounded by plastic _____?

        b. Are they keyed (labeled)? _______ What color are they? _______

        c. Count the pins. How many are there? _____   Do you see any missing pins?         ______

        d. Is the cable for the hard drive connected to anything else?               ____________________

        e. How many devices can the cable connect?  One or two? __________

        f.  What types of devices are hooked up to the primary IDE cable?         _______________

        g. What types of devices are hooked up to the secondary IDE cable?

    Disconnect all devices from the IDE ribbon cables, but first note which device is connected to which cable.

        h. Examine the IDE ribbon cable:
            how many connections does it have for pins? ____ 
            Are any of the holes on the cable connector filled in? ______
            How many connectors does the ribbon cable have? ______

    Carefully remove the IDE drives from your system.
    (Look carefully before you act. Don't force anything.)
    Remove the screws holding the drive in the bay and examine them.

      Pick the hard disk up carefully, after grounding yourself and examine the surface.

        i. Look for a label that identifies the manufacturer ______________

        j. Look for a label that tells you how to set the jumpers. Is your drive set up to
           be a master or a slave? ________________

        k. Physically replace the drive, connect the power cable, then connect the ribbon
           cable to the drive and the motherboard. Turn on your system to make sure the drive
           is detected.

    6.  ASUS research project. (If time permits)


    Complete fill-in for Meyers Lab 8.4 (above), study Meyers Lab 2.1, if you have the manual.

    See MCMCSE Study Guide- Processors for more notes on CPUs

    Finish vocabulary definitions for Andrews, Ch.1 h through p..

    Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will assemble some new PCs from components in the lab!


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