Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 9 Agenda

    1.  Review quiz

    2 .  Discussion of building computers
          What went wrong, and how did we fix it?

    3.   Discussion of A+ in Depth, chapter 2

         Chapter 2 Objectives

         In this chapter, you will learn:


    a) What happens if two devices are assigned the same IRQ? ______________


    b) In MS DOS, device drivers are usually loaded in the ______________ file, and sometimes in the _____________ file. Device drivers for Windows 3.x are loaded from the ___________ file. (The author of our book considers Windows 3.x to be a subcomponent of MS-DOS.)

    c) In real mode, the computer uses a _______ data path.  Usually, only ____ application runs at a time and the CPU recognizes only __________ of memory.

    d) In protected mode, the computer can use a ________ data path.

    _______ bit device drivers under Windows 9.x are faster than _______ device drivers.

    e) In Windows 9.x, there are four common ways that users can launch applications.

              1. _______________________________________________

              2. _______________________________________________

              3. __________________________________________

              4. ______________________________________

    4. Continue
    building new computers, partitioning and formatting drives.


    Finish filling in blanks on Day 8 and 9 Agenda sheet.

    Write out definitions for vocabulary words O through V on page 73 of A+ Chapter 2.
    Answer Chapter 2 review questions, 6-25 on p.75-76

    Begin reading A+ Chapter 3, pages 81-105 to learn about Understanding the Boot Process and the Command line..

    CPUs  (We'll get to this when we're done building the computers)

    Study Meyers Lab 2.1, if you have the manual.

    See MCMCSE Study Guide- Processors for more notes on CPUs

    See ( for a near-complete listing of Intel CPUs.
    See Erols com ( and CPU Socket and Slot Criteria for pictures and info about CPUs, sockets, and slots.


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