Intro to Linux

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Week 12 Agenda

    1.   Review/discuss online Linux tutorial resources at

    2.  Chapter 13 Stuff (Administrative Nitty Gritty)

    3. Student Presentation

    Linux Practical Application Exercises

    5.   Intro to Networking (See Chapter 20)

           a.  Two general categories for computer networks are _________  and __________.

           b.  Linux networks most commonly run on a network architecture called ____________

               (or __________________), which has three popular speeds,  __________,

                ________________, and _________________.

            To connect computers to the Internet, they must be configured to use the ______ protocol
            to connect them to a server or router provided by an ISP. (in most cases).  Common
            systems to connect computers on a local network to routers or servers on a wide area network
            include _________ connections, through a telephone line, faster _________ connections through
            a telephone line, _____________,  _____________, and ______________ connections.

            Each computer on the network must have a unique identification.   Numerical addresses
            are translated into alphanumeric names called ______________.    Single or grouped
            servers are identified by name and accessed over the World Wide Web through
            On Ethernet networks, each network adapter card is identified by a unique string called a 

            ______________________.   Electronic information is sent from computer to computer
            with these cards through a seven-layer system called ____________.  (See Jang, p.610 and
            this section of the MCMCSE Network + Study Guide.)

           Try this  OSI practice test.

    6. Networking Challenges


    See if you can configure your Linux home directory as a read-only shared folder visible
    from a Windows XP client. (To do this, you may need to change the hostname for
    your computer. )

7.  Work on take-home Linux Quiz

Complete take-home Linux Quiz No. 3
Work on Linux class project
Read/review Jang, Chapters 20 TCP/IP Primer), 21  (Managing Linux on your LAN).
Make sure you understand Chapter 13 concepts, and also look over
sample Chapter 6 on command-line options  from the Hello Linux website.
(We may have another quiz on this stuff, next week.)

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