Intro to Linux

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 5 Agenda

    1. Linux Quiz.
    If you finish early, download the Boson RH Certified Linux Engineer Exam at and save it in your home directory. (Ironically, this exam is an .EXE file that needs to be run from Windows.)

    You can also check out this tutorial on using the GIMP or try these Linux Practice Exercises.

    2. More console options (Jang Ch. 6)

3. Practical Application Exercises

Read/review Jang, Chapters 3, 18, 8
Pay particular attention to chapter 3. We'll reinstall RH Linux 9 in class, next week.
Practice installing RH Linux 9 at home (if possible). Take notes and report difficulties. (Feel free to email me, if you encounter difficulties.)  

If possible, boot a RH Linux 9 computer under the KDE interface and experiment with the KDE graphic applications and utilities.

Test  yourself on the Linux practice exercises at:


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