Intro to Linux

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 6 Agenda

    1.    Review Quiz #1

    2.     Review Linux installation issues
             Jang Chapter 2 (p.25-28) partitioning a hard disk
             Hardware compatibility issues (See Red Hat HCL
             (There are discrepancies with the RH9 Certified list, such as ATI Mobility Rage video.)
             Note the questionable hardware list on Jang p. 32-33.
             Check the Linux Documentation Project HOW-TO.
              How can you track down information for specific hardware:
             laptops, network cards, printers, scanners, sound cards, USB, Winmodems?
              Assignment for next week: make a hardware list for your computer at home,
              comparable to Table 2.4 on Jang, p. 36

    3.      Reinstall RH Linux 9 on classroom computers.  See installation notes in our Linux
             Day 1 Agenda and in the introductory Class Notes handout, p. 3-4.  (Follow Jang,
            Chapter 3, pages 51-98.
             Key issues:  partitions, network setup (firewall), video, register with RHN.


5. Practical Application Exercises
                    6.      Linux class projects
Each student will be responsible for delivering a short class project on some aspect of
                              Linux, supplemental to what we cover in class.   These projects may be presented in teams
                              of two or more people.   Here are some ideas:

                              Working with multimedia under Linux -- installing and using audio/video and DVD players.
                              Windows/Linux interoperability -- installing and using a Windows emulator such as WINE
                                or CodeWeavers CrossOver Office.
                               Survey of  Useful Linux Application Software  (investigate, try, and demonstrate some Linux
                                   productivity applications.
                               Setting up and administering the Apache Web Server
                               Simple demonstration on how to set up and use MySQL database queries
                               Setting up and using a Linux mail server, such as Sendmail.


Create a hardware inventory checklist for your home computer.
Do some preliminary research for your Linux class project.
Read/review Jang, Chapters 17 on using the KDE interface.
Try these Linux command line exercises, level 1, (if you need the review), or level 2

We'll have another quiz, next week. (You may also want to check out the Unix Tutorial at

Practice installing RH Linux 9 at home (if possible). Take notes and report difficulties. (Feel free to email me, if you encounter difficulties.)


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