Intro to Linux

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Week 9 Agenda

    1.  Finish playing with VNC Remote Desktop Feature

    Not only can you use the VNC server to connect to Linux desktops, it
    can also be used to connect to Windows  desktops.

     Click here to download the Windows VNC Client and Server.

    2.  Finish resolving classroom partition

         Review of Chapter 7 Concepts

         Last week we learned to  use Linux fdisk to modify the partition structures of some of the computers in the lab.  We deleted and redefined the Linux swap partition,making it smaller (1000MB instead of 9000).  This operation allows room for us to create an additional FAT partition that will be able to interoperate with Linux and Windows  XP.

         We used Linux fdisk to delete the old swap partition and recreate it with a smaller size
          (See Week 7 Agenda).

        a)   Set your new swap partition type to Linux Swap Partition (Type 82).
              (The commands to do this are ___, followed by ____.)

        b)   Write the changes to the partition table, then quit fdisk. (The commands to do this are
               ____  and ______ .)

        c)  [New concept]  Switch on the swap partition.  (The command to do this is _________)

        d)    Reboot the computer and verify that the new Swap Partition works.

       When/if the computer reboots successfully, use Linux Fdisk to check the new hard
    configuration and create a 2500MB VFAT partition, if free space is now

    (Be careful not to delete or overwrite other existing partitions on the drive)

     a)  Make the new partition a primary partition and set its type to FAT32.  
             (The commands to do this are ________ ,  _________, _________,  __________

         b)  Format the new FAT32 partition.  (The command to do this is


               (Note,  test to see whether you can format this partition as VFAT.  If it doesn't
               work, what do you think is the reason?  


               Try formatting the new partition as MSDOS.

            c)  Mount the new VFAT partition (configure a mount point).
                 (Write down the command you use to do this _____________________________.)

            d)  Copy or download the Boson Exam Setup Fileto the mounted FAT32 partition.

            e)  Reboot the computer under Windows XP; find and install the Boson Exam program.

    Linux Practical Application Exercises

    4.    Exploring the KDE Interface
                     8.   Update RH Linux system files with Up2Date.

    9.  Partition resizing demonstrations (time permitting)  FIPS, NTFSRESIZE, Partition Magic


Install Linux on your home computer system, if possible.
Work on Linux class project
Read/review Jang, Chapters 7 (File systems), 17 (Using the KDE interface)
    Explore KDE interface at home.
Review these Linux level 2 command line exercises and check out the Unix Tutorial at

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