Intro to Linux

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Info on setting up modems under Linux:

1.  Visit

2.  Download scanModem script
      (This will be a .gz file that you'll need to unpack in your home directory)

3.  Try running scanModem script (./scanModem)   If you don't have sufficient
      permission, change the permissions on the script to permit running (see class notes).

4.   If you have a compatible modem (including many standard Lucent Winmodems), scanModem
      will tell you the name of an rpm package that you can download with appropriate drivers.

5.   Go to, or use Google to retrieve the package.  (With Lucent WinModems, you must
      use a package that exactly matches your system's kernel.  See Day 3 or Day 4 agenda for instructions
      on how to determine which kernel is installed (or use uname -r).

      This link leads to a number of Lucent drivers.

6.   Install the package for your modem.

7.   Go to the Network applet and configure a profile for your modem.

8.  Use the KDE KPPP program to configure an Internet profile and connect.
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