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Wamp waw. -...
These umm topics (the words that are on the top i forgot what theyre called) are seeming to be more like sounds that are spelled out. Im thinking about closing DCS, well rather am going to do it because I havent released anything c2 in about a month or so... and i havent been working on everything... only on TDR. Maybe DCS will be back one day... maybe not. LONG LIVE DCS!!!!!.... to be continued?




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Whooo-whoo! -...
Chuca chuca chuca. Ok i looked at Random monkey's site today and it is updated. I though to myself wow, if he updated it I could get myself to update this site. Ok... well im updating it....Ummm... jeez my memory isnt working right. Beroc has released the ferrari that Jesse made which was for c2 but now s for tdr... get it? Im also gonna try to get a hold of that program to convert my Shoebox to TDR. Im also working on a new car.... you can go see all of the stuff I said at LOD. Also Lumberjack at TSS is gonna release a skin for Jesse's VW. Other news, i got a digital camera and iwill be taking lots of pics....

Fe-Fe-Fills -...
Today we got us 3 new Affiliates. Since I'm so lazy I wont put the links in this post but you can down here to see them all. I started working on a new Tdr car today so this news post wouldnt be complete if I didn't show you this and this.

Don't Burn Me! -...
Kinda of funny heading...oh well. Ok New car today, the Nova Blaster... get it in the cars section. I have also released "Styker" for TDR at LOD plus Beroc has relesed his Ferarri333! Whoa lots of cars... Next for C2 is a '83 Porsche 911SC so look out for it in the future... 2 more C3 cars left to go until the release of the Porsche. I still havent figured out what C3 car im going to make next... maybe Foxdie can help...

Community Stuffies -Friday, March 16, 2001 5:45 PM
Ok no new stuff today like cars or skins just a community update... Random_monkey has some TDR skins and a C2 skin at his site. Also Lumberjack at The Spray Shop has done lots of things to his site, he even has a forum! He is also working on making C2 cars in GTA2 so check there soon for them. Umm I think thats it for now so...

Polls closed -Saturday, March 10, 2001 12:45 PM
OK the votes are in... and here they are: 56% voted TDR all the way!, 24% voted Carmageddon 2, and 20% voted I don't know. Thanks to all the people who voted. So the ratio should be something like 4:1 but I'll make it 3:1 so that will be for every three C3 cars I "release" I will release one C2 car. Well I have released 2 Tdr cars at Lord of Destruction and one more is on the way, click here for a pic of it. Also, the Novablaster will be here soon.(the 3:1 ratio begins after I release it)

Eyo!!! -Saturday, March 4, 2001 12:43 PM
I present to you Ryder go get it in the C2 cars section, the skin is a little bad (i think) so its up to you skinners to make it better. I have tried and tried to fix the Impala until I just gave up:(. I started working on another car and I'm currently having some problems with it ingame so it will be out soon as soon as I fix's called "Winky". I am about to close the polls so if you haven't voted yet go do so now! Looks like there will be more cars for TDR.

It's coming... -Saturday, February 25, 2001 1:17 PM
I am working to finish my Impalla for TDR and as soon as I finish that I will the release the "Ryder" for Carmageddon2 and the "Novablaster", and then finish up my other Tdr car which is in the works... and then release the Porsche, er dang I already told you. Beroc has released another car at LOD and I hope, I hope to release this Impalla tomorrow...just hope.

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