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Welcome to my new Phil Ochs’ setlist archive.   This project is nowhere near complete, in fact, I started doing it just to reference setlists for those who are interested in trading.  However, I decided that I might as well keep adding on to it, for there is no definitive Ochs’ archive on the web.  Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions for improvements, or if you have a setlist that you’d like me to add (whether you have it or not, I’ll hopefully find it for you).  Please enjoy this site!  I certainly hope that it continues growing.


Charlie Ryan


Many thanks to Herb M., Marty K., Godfrey S. and Steve A. and W. Curtis for all of their help with setlists, information, and trades.

All dates in Year/Month/Day format.


1964/06/03            The Gaslight Cafe, New York City, NY 1 CD

1965/??/??             WBAI FM Broadcast 1CD

1966/05/22            Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ 1CD

1966/10/22            Montreal, Quebec 2CD

1969/03/15            Vancouver, BC 1CD*

1970/03/27            Carnegie Hall (Late Show), New York City, NY 2CD

1972/10/27            Iowa University, Iowa City, IA 1CD

1973/04/21            WBAI Free Music Store, New York City, NY (with Patrick Sky & Dave Van Ronk)

1973/05/26            Stables, East Lansing, MI 2CD

1974/03/17            Quiet Knight Club, Chicago, IL 1CD

1974/10/12            Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 1CD         

1974/05/09            Friends of Chile Benefit Concert 2CD

1975/05/11            The "War Is Over" Rally, Central Park, New York (FM) 1CD

1975/07/??            “Last Stand at Gerdes” Gerde’s Folk City, New York City, NY 1CD

1975/10/19            “The Night of the Empty Bottle” Gerde’s Folk City, New York City, NY (with Sammy Walker & Roger McGuinn) 2CD

  VARIOUS            Complete Broadside (with tracks by Len Chandler, Patrick Sky & Tom Paxton) 2CD

  VARIOUS            Demos/Live 1CD

  VARIOUS            Archive VCD 1CD

  VARIOUS            Pictures & Articles 1CD-ROM


*=I do not own, and seek both the show and confirmation of the setlist.


1964 June 3

Gaslight Cafe

New York City, NY 


1. Power And The Glory

2. Medley: Good and Drunk/I'll Fly Away

3. The Thresher

4. Old Concepts Never Die

5. Hands

6. Lou Marsh

7. Firehouse 35

8. The Hills of West Virginia

9. The Highwayman

10. What's That I Hear

11. Another country

12. Ballad of Billie Sol

13. Do What I Have To Do

14. Celia

15. Draft Dodger Rag

16. Automation Song

17. Paul Crump

18. Talkin' Cuban crisis (cut)





WBAI FM Broadcast


1. Song Of My Returning

2. White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land*

3. Changes

4. Crucifixion

5. Cannons Of Christianity

6. Joe Hill

7. City Boy

8. Positively 4th Street (Dylan parody)

9. Power And The Glory

10. Morning #1**

11. Morning #2**


*Alternative lyrics

**Most likely from different dates




1966 May 22

Rutgers University 

New Brunswick, NJ


1. I'm Going to Say it Now

2. Cross My Heart

3. Changes

4. The Party

5. Flower Lady 


Note: Soundboard recording.




1966 October 22

Montreal, Canada


Disc 1:

1. Cross My Heart

2. Song Of My Returning

3. The Bells

4. Flower Lady

5. Miranda

6. Joe Hill

7. I’m Gonna Say It Now

8. Pleasures of The Harbor

9. I Ain’t Marching Anymore

10. Small Circle Of Friends


Disc 2:

1. I've Had Her

2. There But For Fortune

3. Cops Of The World

4. Crucifixion

5. Is There Anybody Here

6. Changes

7. The Party

8. Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore?

9. Power And The Glory


Note: This show has been rumored to have been recorded by the FBI




1969 March 15

Vancouver, British Columbia


1. There But For Fortune

2. Outside A Small Circle of Friends

3. William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes

4. Unscathed

5. The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns

6. Pleasures of the Harbor

7. The World Began in Eden and Ended in LA

8. The Bells

9. The Highwayman

10. I Kill Therefore I am

11. The Doll House

12. Another Age

13. Changes

14. Crucifixion

15. I Ain’t Marching Anymore


Note: This might be same as the release "There and Now - Live in Vancouver 1968.”  The tracklisting can be found here:  I need to do a little more research before this is confirmerd.




1970 March 27

Carnegie Hall (Late Show)

New York City, NY


Disc one:

1. The Bells

2. Intro

3. Mona Lisa

4. Intro

5. Pleasures Of The Harbor

6. Intro

7. I Ain't Marching Anymore

8. Intro

9. Okie From Muskogee

10. Intro

11. Basket In The Pool

12. Intro

13. Jim Dean Of Indiana

14. Intro

15. Chords Of Fame

16. Intro (Buddy Holly medly)

17. Not Fade Away >

            I'm Gonna Love You Too >

            Think It Over >

            Oh Boy >

18. I'm Gonna Say It Now

19. Intro

20. Tape From California


Disc two:

1. Intro

2. Gas Station Women

3. Intro

4. Oh Danny Boy

5. Intro/Crucifixion

6. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends

7. Intro

8. Boy In Ohio

9. Intro

10. My Kingdom For A Car

11. Intro (Elvis Presley medly)

12. My Baby Left Me >

            I'm Ready >

            Heartbreak Hotel >

            My Baby Left Me >

13. Fool Such As I

14. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends

15. School Days

16. One Way Ticket Home

17. Intro

18. No More Songs*


*With Jim Glover (some tapes do not circulate with this version)




1972 October 27

Iowa University

Iowa City, IA


1. I'm Gonna Say It Now

2. Ringing Of Revolution

3. Is There Anybody Here?

4. Jim Dean of Indiana

5. I Ain't Marching Anymore

6. Joe Hill

7. Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

8. When I'm Gone




1973 April 21

WBAI Free Music Store

New York City, NY


Disc One:

1.  Intro

2.  Patrick Sky – Frankie and Johnny

3.  Dave Van Ronk – Casey Jones

4.  Talk

5.  Phil Ochs – Flower Lady

6.  Patrick Sky - ??? (song about jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge)

7.  Talk

8.  Dave Van Ronk - ??? (song about a woman who needs a "different man"

9.  Phil Ochs – Pretty Smart On My Part

10. Talk

11. Patrick Sky – Ramblin’ Hunchback

12. Talk

13. Dave Van Ronk – The Legend Of The Dead Soldier

14. Talk

15. Phil Ochs – Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

16. Talk

17. Patrick Sky – Giovanni Montini (song by Mike Hunt)

18. Talk

19. Dave Van Ronk – Trouble In Mind (song by Georgia White)


Disc Two:

1.  Patrick Sky - ???

2.  Phil Ochs – Joe Hill

3.  Talk

4.  Dave Van Ronk – Pastures of Plenty

5.  Talk

6.  Dave Van Ronk – Luang Prabang

7.  Phil Ochs – I'm Going to Say it Now

8.  Talk

9.  Phil Ochs – Cross My Heart

10. Talk

11. Phil Ochs – Changes

12. Phil Ochs – The Party

13. Talk

14. Phil Ochs – The Flower Lady


Note: I don't know some of the songs by Patrick Sky or Dave Van Ronk, and online searching was unsuccessful.  Any help would be great.

Note: FM recording.




1973 May 26

The Stables

East Lansing, MI


Disc One:

1. The Bells

2. Flower Lady

3. I'm Gonna Say It Now

4. There But For Fortune

5. Small Circle Of Friends

6. Joe Hill

7. I Ain't Marchin' Now

8. Changes

9. Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

10. The Highwayman


Disc Two:

1. Santa Domingo

2. The Chords Of Pain

3. When I Was A Boy In Ohio (?)

4. Pretty Smart On My Part

5. Crucifixion

6. Is Anybody Here?

7. Power & The Glory

8. Pleasures Of The Harbor

9. The Party


Note: Soundboard recording




1974 March 17

Quiet Knight Club

Chicago, IL


1. Is There Anybody Here?

2. That's The Way It's Gonna Be

3. No More Songs

4. Ballad Of The Carpenter

5. Outside A Small Circle Of Friends

6. Changes

7. Power & The Glory

8. Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon (much hiss)

9. How High's The Watergate? (much hiss)


Filler #1: Phil Ochs - Date & Venue Unknown (C+)

10. Power & Glory

11. The Ballad Of William Worthy


Filler #2: Phil Ochs - "War Is Over Rally" New York City, NY, May 11, 1975

12. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore

13. There But For Fortune (with Joan Baez)

14. The War Is Over




1974 May 9

The "Friends of Chile Benefit" Concert

Felt Forum

Madison Square Garden

New York City, NY


Disc one:

1.  Introduction Phil Ochs

    Guantanamera Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie

2. Estadio Chile Seeger

3. Oh Mary Don't You Weep Seeger/Guthrie

4. He Was A Friend Of Mine Dave van Ronk

5. Recitation Dennis Hopper

6. Try Me One More Time Guthrie

7. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) Guthrie

8. Presidential Rag Guthrie

9. California Girls Mike Love/Dennis Wilson

10. Ring The Living Bell Melanie

11. My Rainbow Race Melanie


Disc two:

1. Victor Jara Guthrie

2. Allende's Last Speech Hopper

3. Deportee Guthrie/Bob Dylan

4. Pablo Neruda Poem Hopper

5. North Country Blues Dylan

6. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue Dylan

7. Blowin' In The Wind ensemble


Note: There is an eighth track on disc two, but it is not part of this concert.  The song and artist are unidentified




1974 October 10

Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, NY


1. Cross My Heart

2. Santo Domingo

3. Flower Lady

4. (Phone call from Ramsey Clark - announcements)

5. I'm Going To Say It Now

6. There But For Fortune >

            Give My Love To Rose (song by J. Cash) >

            Sing Me Back Home (song by M. Haggard) >

            There But For Fortune

7. Outside A Small Circle Of Friends

8. Crucifixion

9. Changes

10. The Party*

11. Pleasures Of The Harbor*

12. Pretty Smart On My Part*


Note: These last three songs were included in the show but are not on my copy. It is possible that a complete tape exists.




1975 May 11

Central Park

New York City, NY

The "War Is Over" Rally


1. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore

2. There But For Fortune (with Joan Baez)

3. The War Is Over


Note: FM Recording, 10 mins




1975 July

“Last Stand At Gerde’s”

Gerde’s Folk City

New York City, NY


1.  Give My Love To Rose (Johnny Cash)

2.  Chords Of Fame

3.  Shoals of Herring (Ewan MacColl)

4.  Too Many Parties (Too Many Pals) (Hank Williams)

     All For The Love Of A Girl (Johnny Horton)

     Whispering Pines (Johnny  Horton)

     Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash)

5.  Big River (Johnny Cash)

     Smilin' Bill McCall (Johnny Cash)

     I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die (Hank Williams)

6.  Master's Call (Marty Robbins)

     Sea of Heartbreak (David/Hampton)

     Eight More Miles to Louisville (Grandpa Jones)

7.  I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Hank Snow)

     I Wish I Had A Nickel (Hank Williams)

     Two Brothers (The Blue And The Grey) (Irving Gordon)

8.  [Applause]

9.  Jimmy Brown The Newsboy (Roger Miller)

     Every Day (Buddy Holly)

     Boy In Ohio

10. Bwatue

11. Please Release Me (Roger Miller)

      Pins and Needles (Hank Snow)

      Frauline (Hank Locklin)

      Some Old Day (Louise Certain/Gladys Stacey)

12. Crucifixion


Note: This tracklisting is more accurate than the other setlist circulating on the internet.

Note: “Toward the end, it was often difficult to get Phil Ochs in front of a microphone. Here, captured for posterity, is an exception, an impromptu-sounding set at Gerde's Folk City in which Phil offers a few crowd-pleasers but prefers to go back to remembered folk songs and numbers written by the country legends he admired, such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. (You might note a faint similarity in the chord changes of the Johnny Cash "Give My Love To Rose, Please Won't You Mister" and "Fill It Up with Ethel, Won't You Mister" from Phil's "Gas Station Women.") "Blue and the Gray" and "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy" were two songs that Phil also sang at a pre-"Rolling Thunder" nightclub party in the Village that Bob Dylan attended.  The track list is approximate since Phil sometimes combines tunes or only sings parts of songs.” (Text taken from


Thanks very much to William Curtis for helping with the setlist discrepancies.




1975 October 19

"The Night Of The Empty Bottle"

Gerdes Folk City

New York City, NY

With Roger McGuinn & Sammy Walker


Disc One:

Sammy Walker

1. Johnny Strozier

2. Decoration On The Wall

3. Funny Farm Blues

4. East Colorado Dam

5. My Old Friend

6. Talkin' Sky Diving Blues

7. Catcher In The Rye (w. Ochs)

8. I Ain't Got No Home (w. Ochs)

9. Bound For Glory (w. Ochs)

10. Closin' Time (w. Ochs)

Phil Ochs

11. Treasures of Love/Theme From Pleasures Of The Harbor

12. Jim Dean Of Indiana

13. Ballad Of The Jewish Mafia

14. You're All Full Of Shit


Disc Two:

Roger McGuinn

1. Heave Away

2. Ballad Of Easy Rider

3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

4. Mr. Tambourine Man

5. Pretty Boy Floyd (w. Ochs)

Sammy Walker

6. Song For Patty

7. Ain't Took A Bath

8. I Ain't Got No Home




c. 1963

Complete Broadside


Disc 1:

1.  Where There's A Will There's A Way

2.  Ballad of The Cuban Invasion

3.  Freedom Riders

4.  A.M.A. Song

5.  Bullets Of Mexico

6.  Monroe Town

7.  Viet Nam

8.  The Ballad of US Steel

9.  Time Was

10. Paul Crump

11. I Like Hitler

12. The Ballad of Billie Sol

13. Talking Cuban Crisis (no guitar)

14. How Long

15. Never Again

16. The Power And The Glory

17. The Ballad Of Lou Marsh

18. The Ballad Of John Henry Faulk

19. Yukon Air Crash

20. Fifty Mile Hike

21. If I Knew

22. The Thresher

23. William Moore

24. That's What I Hear?

25. As I Walk Alone

26. When First Unto This Country

27. I'll Be There

28. The Ballad Of Alfred Packer

29. That's The Way It's Gonna Be

30. One More Parade

31. Another Country

32. Celia

33. The Bells


Disc 2:


1.  Talking Vietnam

2.  There But For Fortune

3.  They Were Ready for That Day

4.  Bound For Glory

5.  Hunger & Cold

6.  I Ain't Marching Anymore

7.  Green Hills

8.  LEN CHANDLER - Time Of The Tiger

9.  LEN CHANDLER - Keep On Keepin' On

10. PATRICK SKY - Untitled

11. PATRICK SKY - You Can't Beat Him Friend

12. PATRICK SKY - Talkin' Indian Blues

13. PATRICK SKY - Jazzy Assed Mind Fuckers

14. TOM PAXTON - The Rats Come and Go

15. TOM PAXTON - Can't Help But Wonder



Note: More information on the Broadside collection can be found at the Inventory for Broadside Collection, 1962-1961: Collection Number 20289.  ( Judging by the information given on that site, these discs do not catalog ALL of Phil Ochs’ recordings by Broadside.  According to the site, most of the recordings seem to be from 1963.






Ann Arbor hotel room, with John Lennon on dobro 12/71

1. Chords of Fame



2. William Worthy

3. Links On The Chain



4. Pete Seeger intro: Too Many Martyrs

5. Talking Birmingham Jam

6. The Power And The Glory

7. Draft Dodger Rag



8. I'm Gonna Do What I Have To Do

9. The Harder They Fall (Alt. Version)


Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY 4/25/70

10. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends

11. Changes

12. Miranda

13. The Crucifixion

14. The War Is Over

15. Jim Dean Of Indiana

16. Intro

17. Chords Of Fame

18. No More Songs




Archive VCD


1. SWOOSCH 1967

            I Ain't Marching Anymore


2. BITTER END 1967

            I Ain't Marching Anymore

            There But for Fortune

            The War is Over

            Flower Lady


            I Ain't Marching Anymore

            Cannons of Christianity


4. SWEDISH TV SPECIAL w/ Julie Felix 1968

            I'm Gonna Say It Now

            Ballad Of Joe Hill

            I Ain't Marching Anymore



            I Ain't Marching Anymore



7. 10 FOR 2 "BENEFIT" 1971

            Here's to the State of Nixon




Pictures & Articles CD-ROM


1.  A Guitar-Slinging Soldier For Freedom - Overview Article, late 1990's.

2.  Judy Henske on Phil Ochs - Excerpted from liner notes on a Judy Henske reissue CD.

3.  OCHS-B&W-01 - Phil in concert, 1968.

4.  OCHS-B&W-02 - Publicity photo, circa 1966.

5.  OCHS-B&W-03 - Phil in concert, 1968.

6.  OCHS-B&W-04 - Phil in concert, 1968.

7.  OCHS-B&W-05 - Phil in concert, circa 1966.

8.  OCHS-B&W-06 - Phil at peace march (with Zal Yanovsky of the Lovin' Spoonful) circa 1967.

9.  OCHS-B&W-07 - Phil backstage, circa 1971.

10. OCHS-B&W-08 - Unknown, circa 1967.

11. OCHS-B&W-09 - Phil in concert, 1968.

12. OCHS-B&W-10 - Phil in concert, 1968.

13. OCHS-B&W-11 - Phil in concert, 1968.

14. OCHS-B&W-12 - Phil in concert, 1968.

15. OCHS-B&W-13 - Phil, circa 1975 with Tom Waits.

16. OCHS-COLOR-01 - Phil in concert, circa 1966.

17. OCHS-COLOR-02 - Phil in concert, circa 1967.

18. OCHS-COLOR-03 - Phil at peace rally, circa 1967.

19. OCHS-COLOR-04 - Phil, 1967.

20. OCHS-COLOR-05 - Montage.

21. OCHS-COLOR-06 - Phil, 1967.

22. OCHS-COLOR-07 - Phil, circa 1971.

23. OCHS-COVER-01 - All The News That's Fit To Sing

24. OCHS-COVER-02 - I Ain't Marching Anymore

25. OCHS-COVER-03 - Phil Ochs In Concert

26. OCHS-COVER-04 - Pleasures Of The Harbor

27. OCHS-COVER-05 - Tape From California

28. OCHS-COVER-06 - Rehearsals For Retirement

29. OCHS-COVER-07 - Greatest Hits

30. OCHS-COVER-08 - Gunfight At Carnegie Hall

31. OCHS-COVER-09 - The Broadside Tapes

32. Phil Ochs Bio by Sonny Ochs - overview

33. Phil Ochs by Mark Brend - overview

34. Phil Ochs by Phil Mershon - overview

35. Postmodern Blues by Jim Winders - comparing Phil to Dan Bern

36. Rhino Press Release 1997 - release of the box set "Fantasies And Farewells: The Phil Ochs Collection"

37. Schumacher on Ochs by Peter Werbe - Interview with the author of "There But For Fortune: The Life of Phil Ochs"

38. William Worthy by Phyllis Graber Jensen


Note: I received this in a trade and am unsure of the lineage.  Artwork can be found here.





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