Film Dialogue in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan

The Maltese Falcon (1941)

Dir: John Huston. Story: Dashiell Hammett.
Screenplay: John Huston.
Starring: Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor.


Bogart: "I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble."

Well, I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble.

Bogart: "I'll have some rotten nights after I've sent you over - but that'll pass."

Well, I have had some rotten nights,
Didn't think that they would pass.

     "Seeing the Real You At Last"

Bogart: "
All we've got is that maybe you love me and maybe I love you.
Astor: "You know whether you love me or not."

It won't matter who loves who, 
You'll love me or I'll love you.

Jerome Cowan: "You don't have to look for me, I'll see you allright."

Don't look for me, I'll see you.

     "When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky"

Barton MacLane: "We wanna talk to you, Spade."
Bogart: "Well go ahead and talk."

You want to talk to me,
Go ahead and talk.

     "Tight Connection To My Heart"

Empire Burlesque (1985)    

Ward Bond: " What is this?"                                        
Bogart: "The, uh, the stuff that dreams are made of." 


There is a city of love 
Far from this world 
And the stuff dreams are made of 

"City of Gold" (1980) [ See also Shakespeare's The Tempest, Act IV]