Film Dialogue in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan

Double Indemnity (1944)







Dir: Billy Wilder.  Story: James M.Cain.
Screenplay: Billy Wilder & Raymond Chandler.
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck & Edward G.Robinson.

MacMurray: "I'll When it came to picking the killer, you picked the wrong guy. You want to know who killed Dietrichson? Hold tight to that cheap cigar of yours, Keyes. I killed Dietrichson - me, Walter Neff, insurance salesman, 35 years old, unmarried, no visible scars... (He glances down at his shoulder wound.) - until a while ago, that is. Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money and for a woman. I didn't get the money and I didn't get the woman. Pretty, isn't it?"

When I met you, baby,
You didn't show no visible scars

     "Seeing the Real You At Last"  (Spotted by

                              Empire Burlesque (1985) 

MacMurray: "There's not going to be any slip up. Nothing sloppy, nothing weak, it's got to be perfect. Call me tomorrow. But not from your house. From a booth. And watch your step every single minute. This has got to be perfect, do ya understand? Straight down the line.

Stanwyck: "Straight down the line."


Stanwyck: "It'll be the train, Walter, just the way you want it. Straight down the line."


Stanwyck: "This is it, Walter. I'm shaking like a leaf. But it's straight down the line for both of us. I love you, Walter. Good-bye."


Stanwyck: It's straight down the line, isn't it?"


Stanwyck: "And nobody's pulling out. We went into this together and we're coming out at the end together. It's straight down the line for both of us. Remember?"


Whole lot of people struggling tonight
From the disease of conceit.
Comes right down the highway,
Straight down the line,
Rips into your senses
Through your body and your mind.
Nothing about it that's sweet,
The disease of conceit.

     "Disease Of Conceit"  (Spotted by

 Oh, Mercy (1989)