Film Dialogue in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan

Psycho (1960)

Dir: Alfred Hichcock. Story: Robert Bloch.
Screenplay: Joseph Stefano
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin & Janet Leigh.


I was sleepin' like a rat
When I heard something jerkin'.
There stood Rita
Lookin' just like Tony Perkins.
She said, "Would you like to take a shower?
I'll show you up to the door."
I said, "Oh, no! no!
I've been through this before."
I knew I had to split
But I didn't know how,
When she said,
"Would you like to take that shower, now?"

     "Motorpsycho Nightmare" (Dialogue not in the film)

"Another Side Of Bob Dylan" (1964)