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Greetings, stranger.
This is my house on Mars web.
Previously I was posting here list of my interests existing long enough in that "recursive infinity of thoughts & dreams" (also, with description of some my beliefs),
but well, I don't think such info is really needed here ^^

So what about this place itself, it's anyway built around several of those interests.
For example, I'm posting here _some programs, mostly of those coded for myself.

Except code things, here are pages like lists of movies/games/music I liked.
In total, it is "just another homepage". Or maybe, "just another freak homepage", depending on your perception^^
"Technically" this all was made from scratch (CSS+HTML+JS + that abstract graphic + custom program to handle it all), if you are even so much curious.

That seems to be all to post here about.
If you wish to contact me for any reason or kind of feedback, see next part of this page.
Good luck and stay crazy.


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