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Recent update: 06/02/2019

One more useless listing here.
Yes, TrueMetal instead of TrueMusic, because for me metal is almost only one what I ever call music :3
Except it, only some classical music can be called so (and metal itself is probably closer to classical more than any other genre).

But well, here is not only 100% metal and things from it's spectre. Generally this list contains all "most valuable bands".
Also it doesn't include misc musical stuff, like NES-soundracks I like to listen too (there are about of 20k of those tracks).

Artist (49 items):Country[reserved]
After Forever Netherlands
Aldious Japan
Apocalyptica Finland
Avantasia Germany
Ayreon Netherlands
Dark Lunacy Italy
Dark Tranquillity Sweden
Darkseed Germany
DragonForce England
Elvenking Italy
Ensiferum Finland
Epica Netherlands
Epiclore Finland
Europe Sweden
Frozen Infinity Germany
Gamma Ray Germany
Helloween Germany
Iijima Mari Japan
In Flames Sweden
Infernal Poetry Italy
Insomnium Finland
Kalmah Finland
Korpiklaani Finland
Mercenary Denmark
Metallica USA
Nightwish Finland
Nirvana USA
Opus Doria France
Queen USA
Rammstein Germany
Rhapsody (of Fire) Italy
Royal Quest Greece
Sabaton Sweden
Skillet USA
Sorrow Of Tranquility Japan
Stargazery Finland
System Of A Down USA
Tarja Turunen Finland
Tyr Faroe Islands
Widek Poland
Winterhymn USA
Wintersun Finland
Xandria Germany
Ария USSR/Russia
Кипелов Russia
Король и Шут USSR/Russia
Сектор Газа USSR/Russia
Тінь Сонця Ukraine
Эпидемия Russia
List count = 49 items

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