Too or Enough (2)

*/ Your final work should look like this

  1. The words are not big enough to read.
  2. The quiz is too difficult.
  3. The village is not near enough for me to go on foot.
  4. These boys are too nasty to be accepted.
  5. They are not hard working enough to go to work.
  6. They are too unfriendly to make friends.
  7. They are not happy enough to enjoy the party.
  8. The manager is too busy to talk to you.
  9. This quiz is too long to do quickly.
  10. The microbe is too small to see.
  • c. They are too small
  • i. It is not easy enough.
  • a. It is too far
  • g. They are not nice enough.
  • h. They are too lazy.
  • b. They are not friendly enough.
  • f. They are too sad.
  • d. He is not free enough.
  • j. It is not short enough.
  • e. It is not big enough.


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