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Demented Links

Definitive authorities

bulletSee what the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has to say about the subject

Some more spew linkage (mostly derivatives)

bulletMay 7, 2004. The guys at whangdoodle paid us a great tribute--they linked to this site. Why, you ask? Well, let's just to say that they're taking the multimedia aspects of chundering to a new level (and often). You have to look at the photo album of Darren's life. Will somebody get that kid a bucket? Please!
bullet May 5, 2004. Here's an excellent treatment of the Mr. Creosote throwing up scene from Month Python's The Meaning of Life (from StoneDead Productions).
bulletAugust 25, 2003. www.vomit.com (need I say more?). A seemingly parallel evolution (or ancient divergence) with only about 100 overlaps in close to 400 synonyms.
bulletAugust 24, 2003. A casual lookup of vomit at The Probert Encyclopedia reveals that they have absorbed much of the Thunder Chunder List, calling all of them "American slang for vomit". Try it. Hey, how about credit?
bulletAugust 24, 2003. May as well update the link to Luke Davis. TheMiningCompany became About.com. We're still part of SickJokes. I have asked him to update the link.
bulletJuly 30, 1998. Thanks to Luke Davis for updating his links. We are now correctly referenced.
bulletJuly 17, 1998. This week's sick humour site is Luke Davis' site on TheMiningCompany. He missed the Thunder Chunder Page in his links. This will soon be corrected. Look for me under Just Plain Sick or Twisted Links.
bulletJuly 10, 1998. Feature of the week: Kelly and Bill's Subtle Chunks. Their whole site is a riot.
bullet"thunder-chunder" appears in Chapter IV of Kenneth Goldsmith's book, No. lll 2.7.93-10.20.96. The text of which appears in its entirety on the internet. This is an amazing book because it starts out with long lists of words and then longer and longer phrases. The words and phrases are sorted by number of syllables and alphabetic order. Once you get into it, reading it aloud is like a hypnotic chant.
bullet"Thunder chunder" appears as an unusual combination of search terms in the Canada.com help file.
bulletA WALK IN THE BLACK FOREST. Page of weekly links for A Walk in the Black Forest, a radio show on Sydney's 2RRR. 17 Mar 1997.

These are old links that still exist (or I found again)

bulletWelcome to 101.5 KGB San Diego's World Class Rock (Dave, Shelley and Chainsaw, San Diego)
bulletAlan Cockerill
bulletAnother Real BeEr hURL
bulletAnother Real Beer Page hURL
bulletBill Andrews: How do you say puke?
bulletBrian Murray's Chunder Synonyms
bulletBrian Tucker's Puke Synonyms
bulletChuck Ibis' Vomit Dictionary
bulletDe Officiele PukeMeister Home Page
bulletDoug Wilson's New names for Puking!
bulletDozens of good lists by Melissa Binde
bulletHSU's List
bulletHugh Allison Blackmer's Research into the Oxford English Dictionary
bulletJeff Goebel's Text Index (Some good stuff here!)
bulletPoetry: sharing
bulletRichWolf's Barfing.Euphamisms.Txt
bulletThe Joy of Vomit
bulletThe Real Beer Page
bulletThe Real Beer Page
bulletVomit Dictionary
bulletWilliam Colbourn (Schlake): A huge text file of exerything ever posted on alt.tasteless.jokes

Some more demented lists

bulletFacts on farts | The Scoop on Poop from Heptune
bulletWhat a load of codswallop, pet!
bulletKiwi Words
bulletIndex of /jeffg/text
bulletUrban Legends Synonyms
bulletTeatime with Lists

Michael Bordt
Ottawa, Canada
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