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Completing the Square: Synthetic Synonyms

If you take some of the common combinations and break them down, you quickly come to the realization that all of the good ones really aren't taken. The simple addition of "sidewalk asterisk" introduced the word "asterisk" to the mix. Since we have lots of places to put asterisks, why not put them there: on the asphalt, on the carpet, on the floor, etc. These are just a few (almost 300!) combinations based on the classics: "road pizza" (place/object), "Technicolor yawn" (description/object) and "call Ralph" (action/object). If we threw in all the names: Bert, Buick, Ford, Herb, Huey, Hyundai, Mary, Ruth, Ralph, etc. there would be a lot more.

The road to arithmetically (geometrically?) increasing numbers of synonyms lies in the discovery of more of these possible re- combinations.

Sorry about the formatting. I can't think of another way to present this. Let me know if you can think of any other ways (or any other combos).


Place / object

art asterisk cookies food Picasso pie pizza stew
asphalt asphalt art asphalt asterisk asphalt cookies asphalt food asphalt Picasso asphalt pie asphalt pizza asphalt stew
carpet carpet art carpet asterisk carpet cookies carpet food carpet Picasso carpet pie carpet pizza carpet stew
driveway driveway art driveway asterisk driveway cookies driveway food driveway Picasso driveway pie driveway pizza driveway stew
floor floor art floor asterisk floor cookies floor food floor Picasso floor pie floor pizza floor stew
lawn lawn art lawn asterisk lawn cookies lawn food lawn Picasso lawn pie lawn pizza lawn stew
parking lot parking lot art parking lot asterisk parking lot cookies parking lot food parking lot Picasso parking lot pie parking lot pizza parking lot stew
pavement pavement art pavement asterisk pavement cookies pavement food pavement Picasso pavement pie pavement pizza pavement stew
road road art road asterisk road cookies road food road Picasso road pie road pizza road stew
sidewalk sidewalk art sidewalk asterisk sidewalk cookies sidewalk food sidewalk Picasso sidewalk pie sidewalk pizza sidewalk stew
street street art street asterisk street cookies street food street Picasso street pie street pizza street stew
toilet toilet art toilet asterisk toilet cookies toilet food toilet Picasso toilet pie toilet pizza toilet stew
wall wall art wall asterisk wall cookies wall food wall Picasso wall pie wall pizza wall stew


Description / action

belch burp cough giggle laugh scream smile sneeze spit yawn yodel
(for the hearing impaired) (for the hearing impaired) belch (for the hearing impaired) burp (for the hearing impaired) cough (for the hearing impaired) giggle (for the hearing impaired) laugh (for the hearing impaired) scream (for the hearing impaired) smile (for the hearing impaired) sneeze (for the hearing impaired) spit (for the hearing impaired) yawn (for the hearing impaired) yodel
bad bad belch bad burp bad cough bad giggle bad laugh bad scream bad smile bad sneeze bad spit bad yawn bad yodel
chunky chunky belch chunky burp chunky cough chunky giggle chunky laugh chunky scream chunky smile chunky sneeze chunky spit chunky yawn chunky yodel
kaleidoscopic kaleidoscopic belch kaleidoscopic burp kaleidoscopic cough kaleidoscopic giggle kaleidoscopic laugh kaleidoscopic scream kaleidoscopic smile kaleidoscopic sneeze kaleidoscopic spit kaleidoscopic yawn kaleidoscopic yodel
liquid liquid belch liquid burp liquid cough liquid giggle liquid laugh liquid scream liquid smile liquid sneeze liquid spit liquid yawn liquid yodel
lumpy lumpy belch lumpy burp lumpy cough lumpy giggle lumpy laugh lumpy scream lumpy smile lumpy sneeze lumpy spit lumpy yawn lumpy yodel
multi-  coloured multi-  coloured belch multi- coloured burp multi- coloured cough multi- coloured giggle multi- coloured laugh multi- coloured scream multi- coloured smile multi- coloured sneeze multi- coloured spit multi- coloured yawn multi- coloured yodel
psychedelic psychedelic belch psychedelic burp psychedelic cough psychedelic giggle psychedelic laugh psychedelic scream psychedelic smile psychedelic sneeze psychedelic spit psychedelic yawn psychedelic yodel
solid solid belch solid burp solid cough solid giggle solid laugh solid scream solid smile solid sneeze solid spit solid yawn solid yodel
stripy stripy belch stripy burp stripy cough stripy giggle stripy laugh stripy scream stripy smile stripy sneeze stripy spit stripy yawn stripy yodel
Technicolor Technicolor belch Technicolor burp Technicolor cough Technicolor giggle Technicolor laugh Technicolor scream Technicolor smile Technicolor sneeze Technicolor spit Technicolor yawn Technicolor yodel
three-  dimensional three-  dimensional belch three- dimensional burp three- dimensional cough three- dimensional giggle three- dimensional laugh three- dimensional scream three- dimensional smile three- dimensional sneeze three- dimensional spit three- dimensional yawn three- dimensional yodel
wet wet belch wet burp wet cough wet giggle wet laugh wet scream wet smile wet sneeze wet spit wet yawn wet yodel


Action / object

Ralph the ants the bushes the carpet the dog the dolphins the fish the floor the floor the lawn the tiger your shoes
bark at bark at Ralph bark at the ants bark at the bushes bark at the carpet bark at the dog bark at the dolphins bark at the fish bark at the floor bark at the floor bark at the lawn bark at the tiger bark at your shoes
call call Ralph call the ants call the bushes call the carpet call the dog call the dolphins call the fish call the floor call the floor call the lawn call the tiger call your shoes
feed feed Ralph feed the ants feed the bushes feed the carpet feed the dog feed the dolphins feed the fish feed the floor feed the floor feed the lawn feed the tiger feed your shoes
laugh at laugh at Ralph laugh at the ants laugh at the bushes laugh at the carpet laugh at the dog laugh at the dolphins laugh at the fish laugh at the floor laugh at the floor laugh at the lawn laugh at the tiger laugh at your shoes
talk to talk to Ralph talk to the ants talk to the bushes talk to the carpet talk to the dog talk to the dolphins talk to the fish talk to the floor talk to the floor talk to the lawn talk to the tiger talk to your shoes
water water Ralph water the ants water the bushes water the carpet water the dog water the dolphins water the fish water the floor water the floor water the lawn water the tiger water your shoes
yell at yell at Ralph yell at the ants yell at the bushes yell at the carpet yell at the dog yell at the dolphins yell at the fish yell at the floor yell at the floor yell at the lawn yell at the tiger yell at your shoes
spray spray Ralph spray the ants spray the bushes spray the carpet spray the dog spray the dolphins spray the fish spray the floor spray the floor spray the lawn spray the tiger spray your shoes
shout at shout at Ralph shout at the ants shout at the bushes shout at the carpet shout at the dog shout at the dolphins shout at the fish shout at the floor shout at the floor shout at the lawn shout at the tiger shout at your shoes

Michael Bordt
Ottawa, Canada
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