The Urga Manuscript

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A Letter from Do-Ring

Scribe of the 9th Panchen Lama of Tibet

To Wing On, his friend concerning the Inner Life

By Authority of The 9th Panchen Lama- Maitreya The Pearson Foundation Trust - © 1949 Published Colin Smythe Ltd. Foreword Dr G. Hall




1. TO THE VENERABLE WING-ON, peace, and May the jewel which is the lotus heart be ever thine. Thank you, my venerable friend, for the joy you have given, for your most gracious words and for sharing your wisdom with me. My experience has been no greater than yours, my understanding no deeper, but I have had the priceless experience of living upon the High Plateau and immersing myself in the immeasurable wisdom of countless ages and because of this experience I am glad to give to you now those answers you sought in our words together.

2.Much that I have heard, have seen and experienced in the last three decades whilst I have been in the High Land would seem mysterious to minds unprepared for great departures from their normal thoughts. This is not strange for I have been living day by day in the real presence of the unseen powers in such a way that these powers become real, as real as if they were material powers.

3. It may seem strange to talk of living with the unseen powers, for I know that to the ordinary mind the unseen things cannot be grasped simply because they elude human hands, nor can they be grasped by minds that measure reality only by what can be seen by the naked eye. The naked eye of man is after all a very blind instrument, one that is limited to the obvious, and so, my friend, we must first realise that in the High Land the initiates have always reached beyond the obvious in their search and there they have found the sublime.

4. First I must clear one point for you, because it was one that caused me much wonderment when I first I lived in amazement in the land that has always held amazement for men. When I found the peace that rises from the heart of the lotus and travelled over the mountains finally reaching the Holy Place, I, like all others unaccustomed thereto, was amazed by the richness and ceremony that surrounded the religion of Tibet. For some years, until initiation fell upon me, I sought, in the symbology and teaching of Lahassa, for that great wisdom we had always been taught reposed there. Soon I learned that there was much more behind the ceremony than the ordinary person perceived. Suddenly I learned that actually there was a religion and philosophy for the people and an entirely different one, a much higher one, for a small group who were admitted to practise with the High Powers.

5. This was to me an amazing discovery. The existence of two such different roads that scarcely joined was something that had never been even hinted to me and I came upon it quite by accident. I must tell you, my venerable friend, that I came upon it quite by accident. I must tell you, my venerable friend, that I was not worthy to have made this discovery. Perhaps it would not have been revealed to me but my experience in another human capacity had taught me always to look beyond what the eye immediately saw. Looking so revealed that there was something much more purposeful behind the visual ceremonies; as I have said, I found it by accident.

6. Once having found this, one cannot turn back. The world of material limitations no longer has power to limit; the human becomes free, unfettered by the physical. This was a glorious discovery. I entered the inner temple at Dupway, and there and elsewhere I have lived in the sublime height for a full generation, as time is measured in a material way-as we know time in the temple it has been but a brief experience, but one filled with wonder, joy, and, I believe in my humble way, accomplishment. I must say to you, my friend, that the life of one who has attained initiation is as different from ordinary life as is death to ordinary beings. For in the temple there is life abundant; without restraint accomplishment is assured.

7. How different is this to the struggle of the unawakened. But it is not my own personal experience that you desire me to set down in words, for this we have had the joy of speech together. What I shall now write is a picture of what the Occidental world calls the unseen or occult realities. I have had much meditation before writing these words and the blessing of the Holy One (9th Panchen Lama) and from the inner voice I know that it is well that these truths should be set down. I commit them to you knowing that you will use them wisely; that these petals shall not be trampled beneath the feet of the unthinking.

8. In Tibet there are many who do not think and for them there is the food of the temples, but there are also many of higher grade and each of these grades learns and uses higher truths. Eventually one gains the ultimate truth that is all-embracing and this your unworthy servant has been permitted to learn.

9. The earth we tread is but a speck of the whole. It has a very important place, for here is the material home for a host of unaccountable numbers who are following the way of the infinite wheel. But mistake not, this earth is very important in the Universal Plan. It is very important that we do not lose sight of its place, for without earth experience our highest being could not attain Ultimate Perfection.

10. Before I set down any part of the Universal Chart I must tell you that there is an infinite purpose to EVERY LIFE*. That there is a pathway every life must follow, nor can it be ignored. Life is an amazing thing. It rises first in its prime conception when an infinite core that perhaps some men call a soul is forged into being. How many such cores there are no one knows, just as he does not know how many grains of sand there are on the bed of the sea. But however many there are they all have a primal inception, and from there on rise, stage by stage, ever upwards, passing from material life to astral life and back, until they reach the ultimate.

11. I shall tell you more of this later, but for now it is important that you know one fact. Each development which assures the upward journey of the infinite core must take place upon the material earth and the core must return again until core development has been attained. This is the web of the Universal and our beings cannot ignore it.

12. I do not think it strange that the highest secrets of life should be found in this far-off country, for it seems clear to us that the very beginning of human life* occurred in that area and the secrets that have reposed there belong to the timeless ages. How old they are no man knows, but it seems clear that they go back beyond even the known history of your own country. It seems likewise clear that these secrets were placed in the keeping of the ancient orders that held sway in Tibet long before the present religion was established.

13. Here exists a conflict that is deep, yet understandable. The present religion of Tibet is not an ancient one as the history of Bod land goes. There are those who are servants of the present religion who do not support the work of the Inner Temple, who feel that the magic of the priests must not be the final word, yet we who have lived the life of the Inner Courts well know that in our courts there is more true light than has ever been shed in any age. Thus we of the courts have had much power and have been an influence of good in the High House, which was not always welcomed.

14. But, my venerable friend, I must first tell you of our knowledge of the immeasurable force. I have some knowledge of the thoughts that have been held beyond our borders concerning our relationship to and our use of the immeasurable force. You have told me much more in our talks together. Now I must tell you that I can find no similarity between what has been said to exist and what actually does exist. But I shall not write more of this but proceed at once to tell you exactly what the knowledge of the Inner Temple is concerning the great immeasurable force.

15. First let me make clear that there is one overwhelming force of power that no man can measure. It can be called occult force or by many other names. Perhaps it is the fact that there are a number of names for it that has confused so many people, and again, because this force has a number of different functions or powers, which seem unrelated to each other, there is room for confusion. However, it is important to know that all these are but fragments of one whole. Now I know that this destroys the idea that there are a number of different powers-or, as some call them, masters-that perform the several functions of the unseen, but I affirm that all functions spring from one common source.

16. True, that immeasurable source does manifest upon three distinct levels of action, but again it is essential to remember that these are not three powers but one. We do not understand how these inter-work, we do know that they do so and that while each level serves a distinct purpose there are times when several different functions are needed to serve a specific purpose; when such an occasion arises the several required functions become one, effecting in perfect order the desired end.

17. I have searched for a term to describe these levels* but it escapes me-the years I have spent away from your country and the longer years away from my own have deprived me of some of the words I might have used. Therefore I give those levels names, which are not the ones we use in the Temples but will nevertheless indicate the general nature of these levels. The first, which is the most active in relation to the ordinary being, concerns the functions of the immeasurable that have active duties upon the astral plane. I shall have much to say of this and the other levels of the immeasurable later on but now I merely want to give you some thought on the nature of the different levels.

18. In the Inner Temple the astral level is considered as the primary and the functions performed on that level of the greatest concern to earth beings. I am fully convinced that this phase of the immeasurable must be understood before an earth being can receive any benefit at all from the other levels. That it is the gateway to the immeasurable.

19. The second level is concerned with the question of the progress of the infinite core in its journey through existence from conception to perfection. Here the immeasurable performs amazing functions that could simply not be understood by an uninitiated human, but which have a definite place in the progress of the on-going core.

20. The final level is concerned solely with the highest phases of the immeasurable. It has functions, freely manifested to the initiates, which entirely change the whole nature of their existence on earth.

21. These three levels each have a number of different functions. These I shall set down in order but for the moment I wish to restate that while the functions are all different and they serve three distinct main purposes, they are all part of one force and do not originate with mystic beings living upon a non-material plane. This I realise is entirely foreign to the generally accepted idea your countrymen have about the higher forces known upon the high plateau.

22.It is so different that I urge upon you the wisdom of giving this knowledge sparingly, because many will be confused by it-yet it is better they should be confused than led along a pathway of false stones.

23. Many years ago I had learned of the supposed existence of cosmic masters-beings, who did not possess material form, yet could guide and instruct those upon the material plane. I had longed to live with, be guided by, and if it please the infinite, see these masters. Now, after a generation in the Inner Temple, I must tell you that the whole concept of master-hood is entirely different from what men outside the Inner Courts have supposed. There are beings upon the high immeasurable levels but they do not reveal themselves to either the initiated or the uninitiated. They have never been seen by myself or my brothers and no material person who has attained our courts can possible sat that a certain master has poured his blessings, his wisdom or guidance upon any one of us. I speak of this so definitely, my venerable friend, because it is such a vital matter; so many cling to a seeming truth, which is in fact a mirage.

24. As I say, there are infinite beings upon the highest levels; these are non-material beings who are ultimately concerned with the great procession of cosmic cores along the pathway to the ultimate; there are a great host of astral beings and all of them play an intimate part in the evolution of every being and in bringing forth the fullness of life, but I do not know of a single initiate of the Inner Courts who has ever been able to identify one of these beings, much less see one*.

25. The immeasurable force does not work in this way. It works as a whole force directing one of its functions to the mind of an initiate and when such a function has connected, the initiate becomes a servant of the immeasurable, filled with all the power of the immeasurable, and able to manifest upon the earth plane the will and purpose of the immeasurable for the initiates immediate life. In such a way the great force of the Universe makes itself manifest in the lives of men, not by sending some non-material being to be a worker in the affairs of a material being. True, the invisible beings serve to operate all the functions of the immeasurable but what they send forth is a force manifesting a definite function, not a being. My venerable friend, in this truth lays the great key to the mysteries of the Inner Courts. When this is realised, the way will be less obscure.

26. Now I believe I should give you a more accurate idea of the actual structure of the immeasurable force in relation to the beings who live upon the material earth. This force is in the pattern of the infinite and cannot be shaped by man nor can he change it by one fraction. I have told you that the force functions upon three levels. Now I must explain that we of the Inner Courts regard each level as an order and that each of the orders possesses a series of different functions, which we know as degrees or RAYS. These all build up into a structural pattern so perfect as to represent the highest pattern known to man. The pattern itself is exact and represents infinite order for in the immeasurable all things are in perfect order; it is only the material universe that tolerates confusion or disorder. More than that we have learned that each ray or degree requires an orderly manifestation. An initiate cannot manifest one of the final degrees until he has first learned to manifest the earlier ones. Coming in tune with the immeasurable impresses upon each initiate the perfect discipline wherein he learns that his highest purpose is to manifest the functions of the immeasurable and to serve its  purposes. He must know that he cannot use it to serve his ends but rather that it uses him to serve in some way the perfect pattern to unfold.

27. The first level concerns the astral and upon this level there are four different degrees of function that can be manifested. These must be manifested for the first time in an initiate's experience in order. The first then the second, then the third and the fourth. Each serves a different function and while the fourth function may be more desirable for many reasons, it cannot be realised until the others have been first demonstrated. This function must have first been attained in perfect order, for it prepares the material mind to receive and manifest the later functions. (4)

28. The second level, concerning itself with the progress of the infinite core, has eight different manifestations or degrees (RAYS) that I may now tell you of and one that I dare not speak of but which is revealed to those initiates who have attained all eight of these second level degrees or functions. Like those of the astral level each must first be manifested in perfect order as the initiate prepares himself to express the several different functions. Later they are manifested, provided the initiate is in the right consciousness, in whatever order is needed to achieve the immeasurable purpose. (8) 

29. This second level serves several intimate purposes in the normal life of each initiate, for it is the functions of this level that assure his higher evolution toward the ultimate and also serve to give him the perfect material body and mind to stand the demands of material life, thus better making him a perfect manifestor of the life functions.

30. The final level cannot be revealed until the being has first attained the functions of the other two levels-then he reaches the plane whereon he may manifest the most precious functions that a material being can manifest and which heaps upon him vast powers unknown to ordinary men. There are four functions I may tell you of and two which are revealed by the final manifestations and of these I dare not even hint. (6)

31. Thus you will see, my venerable friend, that this vast pattern is a seemingly simple one. One manifestation follows upon another, each possessing a different function from the others-each serving a special purpose and no one being capable of manifestation until the initiate has prepared himself by first becoming capable of manifesting those which precede it in a table of order.

32. You see how different all this is from the confusion and turmoil that those unseen beings that work within the orbit of those unseen forces. Far from confusion, we in the Inner Courts know the perfect order that prevails and are lifted up by the force and power of the immeasurable which meets every human need, sending it forward to its ultimate perfection.

33. You will have seen that the first manifestations occur in relation to the astral plane of existence, and of this I shall now write. In the Inner Courts we know the first experience with the great immeasurable forces occurs when the human can manifest the reality of psychic or non-material existence. This is the first step and so plays a primary part in one's ordinary initiation.

34. At once I must say that the whole concept of our relationship with the sublime majesty of the immeasurable is bounded by our understanding of the reality of astral existence. We know that the material life is the infinite or cosmic core housed in a material housing. The body is important only as insofar as it is that housing. What is important is the fact that the cosmic core has come to material being after many experiences upon the astral plane and will surely return to that plane after its present life experience and for many experiences yet to come.

35. Knowing this we are held in the concept that communion between these two planes-the material earth and the astral*is of the most imporatnce.12 planes surround the earth 6 etheric 6 astral: the twelfth astral plane is the last one before entering the realms of spirit, as one moves toward the material plane of earth density increases. In the Inner Courts much more is known of the astral plane than I may set down here but I must explain that we know the two planes to occupy the same space area.

36. Thus the earth and the astral planes may almost be said to be in one reality. Upon them exist the two main states of being, astral beings and physical beings, the astral beings having only a cosmic core while the earth beings are encumbered by the physical tissues.

37. What is important is the fact that astral intelligence possesses a deeper faculty than material intelligence, for whilst in the astral there appears to be a limitlessness, which gives great breadth to intelligence, we of the earth plane are limited by material horizon. This gives the astral beings the ability to extend their province over the entire face of the earth at one moment, thus they possess a great range of observation.

38. Their quality of prescience likewise gives them timelessness; hence they shape their intelligence to encompass not only what has passed but also what is already written on the tablets of the future. I can have no doubt on these matters for they are accepted knowledge of the Inner Courts and for many years I have had almost daily communion with the astral beings through the free manifestations of the first planer of the immeasurable force.

39. Now I should tell you, my venerable friend, some details of these manifestations. The first, and the one which is an introduction to the immeasurable force, is the rite of the astral purification. It has been called in the temple, the light bath, for when one manifests this first function his whole inner being is bathed in a flood of light, which at times blinds his material consciousness. The light, deep blue in colour, does not come from without but is generated and manifested from within his mental being. This sets the pattern for all subsequent manifestations.

40. How vital this is may be judged by the fact that some who seek initiation must spend many moons in its purifying power before the dross of human emotion has been cleansed away leaving them a pure vessel into which the force of the immeasurable may henceforth be poured. Now I know how vital this is, how without it we are in a state of mental confusion on many matters and unfit to be a servant of the most sublime power. * Many monastic groups of many traditions focus on this task- a focus at this time, a painful process, not to be suppressed.

41. I believe, my friend, that much of the unhappiness which you speak of existing in these matters in your own country arises from the effort of many to manifest the force of the immeasurable without either understanding it or preparing for it. Would man seek to pour the oil of sweet beauty into an unclean vessel? We know they would not, yet they do seek to pour into their own beings the most precious power in the universe without making these beings fit vessels.

42. What actually takes place in this first function I cannot tell you save that with the generating of this penetrating light the astral beings direct it to cleanse away all that would make that being unfit for communion with them. This takes a varying time according to what the life experience of the initiate has been. In some cases where purity of thought and action have prevailed this does not take long, in others the rite must be repeated again and again until without warning the second manifestation occurs. Once an initiate has secured the key he may require this rite again but enters into one of the other manifestations immediately; however, I know that in my own case it was a daily rite with me before I manifested any other function of the immeasurable.

43. We must remember that the immeasurable does not measure time by material methods nor does it know night or day, sun time or moon time, nor are there any seasons sweeping the immeasurable mind with their emanation of material growth. It is hard to realise this hard to realise there are none of the earth guideposts and that in manifesting the immeasurable we must manifest a limitless, timeless force.

44. I have said the astral beings direct the cleansing power yet I have not seen them do so. We do not see astral beings-we feel them and know them in other ways. Astral beings are not clothed in the vestments of the earth nor do they possess the form of a material body. Rather are seen as a minute speck of  light holding together the electrical charges which shape the measure of their being. I say this because of our talks together and your question as to what these beings look like.

45. I fully know what you have said regarding the seers of your own country but I must say we of the Inner Courts have not had like experiences and I do not know of any truly astral being who would appear to the material eye as your seers have reported.

46. The second manifestation gives the first direct communication with astral beings, and is therefore the first time that the human knows the desire to help that these beings manifest. As I have said they have no limitations either of time or space and so they are able to give to the initiates a timeless, spaceless faculty in meeting the material demands of earth life.

47. These astral beings who serve the human in their functions are many and rarely have they had any previous contact with the earth being or at least they do not proclaim the fact of having had any contact. Their purpose is to give leadership; helping the initiate to proceed with earthly tasks he might not have touched unless he had that spur forward. Their leadership is a full one based upon the prescience that the astral being possesses. With it the earth being takes on a new quality, his vitality and range become magnified and he is strong in initiative where previously he was weak.

48. Another function they give in this manifestation is guidance, which differs from leadership in its quality and scope. Guidance is an actual guidance of the hands and mouth giving to actions and words a power and assurance they did not have before. How wonderful to know that within your own mind there works a power controlled by an invisible yet real being who has all the force you do not possess. Thus you become two beings. One material, the instrument that can do, the other astral, the force of power, and the union of the two spells a perfection the human cannot hope to attain.

49. Then in this manifestation there is also given the function of protection in which astral beings actually guide the very footsteps, protecting the material form from harm. And lastly, in this manifestation theses beings exercise as power of warning- a power so strong that it serves to keep an initiate upon a material path which will not plunge him into the fires of destruction or into the marches of temptation from which he would arise be slimed. Thus the astral beings, knowing the power of a material attraction, keep the initiate free to be a channel through which they may perform their services to the human race.

50. The second manifestation or function has, you will see, a wide variety of powers. It is, however, not one manifestation, but one way in, which the immeasurable functions through the life of those living upon the earth. Here I must tell you, my venerable friend that in all these functions the astral beings manifest directly to the initiate who is being served by them and they always bring intelligence that must be translated into action by him.

51. No initiate has communion with an astral being for the purpose of transmitting the astral message to another. This is vital to all who would attain true understanding.

52. The third manifestation is an instructive one and it is here the initiate first learns the peace and beauty of astral instruction. In discussing this with my brothers I find that the immeasurable follows an orderly pattern and that an initiate enters this manifestation for the first time he will always receive deep instruction that serves to make him deeply conscious of the astral world and the astral function. The instruction for some time may be likened to a sowing of seeds for in the initiate's mind seed thoughts are implanted and these are allowed to grow into fulfilment.

53. Once the material channels of the mind are attuned to the beat of astral instruction it will touch upon the troubles and cares the initiate immediately faces and on these follows a continual flow of instruction that will become to the initiate like a second mind and grant him an omniscience we have hitherto ascribed to beings divine.

54. The astral beings that impart these instructions are countless. Each has a special instruction to give; each is able to do for an initiate something he particularly needs. Often the astral instructor will not begin to instruct until the initiate is in immediate need of the instructive function. In my own experience I have found myself facing a material task for which I lacked the4 necessary knowledge. Suddenly I would find myself entering the third manifestation and then instruction would pass into my mind in an orderly stream giving me minute-by-minute help as I proceeded with my task and staying in constant communion with my mind as long as the task remained unfinished.

55. On such an occasion I recall an instance where the instruction was given not by one astral being but by several, the original instructor calling in others as the task unfolded and became more complex. Later, discussing this with one of my brothers, I found it a common experience to have several astral beings join to instruct one earth being.

56. Now I must make clear that I have no means of identifying these beings. They did not make themselves known to me by any sign. All I know is that they were cognisant of my problem and gave the instruction of which I stood in need. I believe that I have often had instruction from the same being but of this I cannot be sure. I must make clear that in all my experience I have never had such a being name himself. What has happened has been the feeling of a definite presence within my mind, working through my faculties to give me instruction on matters I was not instructed on before. I state this to you, my venerable friend, because my experiences have not been as those you have learned of from your friend the wise seer of whom you have talked. Here in the Inner Courts no man has ever known the previous personality of an astral instructor. -Thus keeping the instruction upon an impersonal plane.

57. Only in the fourth function of the astral manifestation is the personality revealed and that is in that form of communion between earth and astral beings who have been attached by some ties whilst on the earth plane. It is quite plain that those astral beings who have left the earth plane within a short space of time can and do communicate in a very full manner with earth beings. This communion occurs directly within the chambers of the mind and follows always an established custom. * Jesus resided in this Plane after leaving the earth; he remained till 1942, before his final Spiritual visit and return to Jesias.

58. Always the astral being comes directly to the earth being it desires to commune with and has its communion directly with the physical senses of the earth being. No other earth being is involved nor do astral beings in this fourth manifestation make themselves known to others in an effort to commune with those for whom an affinity has existed. You talked with me on these matters and I was aware that there were many functions regarding such matters that were practised in your country and indeed all over the earth. I do not think that what I have experienced in the Inner Temple, and what is considered as a commonplace there, is the same sort of thing you have talked with me about. 59.Initiates in the Inner Courts do not need proof of the continuity of life, which appears to be the main function of the practises, you refer to. We need only the close comradeship and help of those we have previously known and that is so freely given that it lifts one up in glorious exaltation with a deep sense of joy at the continual presence of astral beings whom we once knew as earth beings. What they can and will do in the relationship with each person is different in accordance with the needs that the initiate has. Thus one may find a particular value in this special form of astral communion and another may find another value. It is not necessary for me to give the several different values but I want you to know that they are many indeed.

60. How wonderful to realise that these invisible beings can work as a part of a great force and can manifest directly in the mind of the initiate. Truly it is a union between the men of earth and the angels (ADEPTS) of the heavens (Solar Planes), if we shall think of our astral brothers as living in that state.

61. You asked me, my venerable friend, what the astral world is like. I can only tell you what has come to me in instruction, for no initiate has seen with his own eyes this vast space where the inhabitants move without the limitations of space. I gather that it is an area of light, for there is neither night nor day there, and that there is very little material formation, but what there is made of solid elements unmixed with each other. Thus the angelic streets of gold would seem fully possible.

62. Now I must again make clear to you that until an initiate has first manifested the astral manifestations he may not proceed to the next phase (2nd level) of the immeasurable. Once he has reached this point he passes on to the next plane being able to return again and again to manifest any of the functions he has once attained. Thus he has a continual growth, being still of the earth yet one with the immeasurable. Truly all this of the Inner Court is vastly different from what most people have understood, truly it is a simple and direct relationship in which the initiate expands beyond his material limitations to reach out into the light of the universe. Thus we of the Inner Court accept a new standard of human ability.

63. Once the initiate has accomplished the astral phase of the immeasurable, he then passes to those manifestations, which concern his progress toward ultimate perfection. All humans are in that progress, a ceaseless journey ever heading upward, ever seeking the best.

64. I have told you that we have a core, now I must tell you that this core must evolve through 490 stages of evolution before it reaches the ultimate peaks. Each stage must be spent on the material earth, with periods in between, when without material weight or trappings it rests and works in the bosom of the astral, serving there in an appointed way, rising in the values of astral service as stage after stage is attained. Most of the intervals upon the astral occur after what the world calls death, when the core divorces itself from the material life and later returns as an entirely new life.

65.However, once a certain immeasurable function is attained, several stages may be achieved during what the world calls one lifetime, while the being inhabits one body, the intervals being brief as the world measures time yet timeless in the immeasurable. There is another point, my venerable friend, I must note and that is the fact that we know of only a continual maturing in the Inner Court. On this point there has been much conflict. Some of our priests on the outer plane cling to teachings that come to us from your country and from beyond the mountains but I can assure you that in the Inner Courts we can find no proof to support these priestly teachings. In the Inner Courts we know that there is a continual maturing of the core. It does not regress; it does not carry responsibilities from one existence to another. We are further taught that no core leaves an earthly existence to return to the astral, having finished a life-stage of existence; whilst there is yet one duty unfinished-such duties are not carried from one stage of evolution to the next.

66. Understanding this you will therefore understand how very vital are the several manifestations of this phase. The first gives to the initiate the power of knowing where he stands in the scale of evolution. Clearly the initiate is shown what he has accomplished, and what he has yet to accomplish. This is essential, for it aids the initiate by inspiring him, continually, to achieve higher evolution. It has a further great value for through his manifestation he can learn if he has gained evolution through an astral experience while still retaining his material entity. The second function of this phase is allied to the first for it enables the initiate to speed his evolutionary progress. The method of this progress is different in each case and the method to be followed by each initiate is given to him by the impulses that register during the manifestation of this function.

67. The third function of this phase deals with a most important matter and that is the attraction to beings who have attained a high degree of evolution. To be attracted to and to know such beings possess great merit and has lasting benefit to the initiate. It is generally found that those who have a high degree of evolution are usually most retiring and must be sought out by the souls who would contact them. The manifestation appears through the initiate's mind to guide him/her to the right being who can most help him in his evolutionary progress and we have had some most wonderful experiences in the Inner Temple with this manifestation. I myself was led to take a journey, which seemed to have no purpose at all, yet on the journey I was brought face to face with a sainted one who lifted me from the literal morass at a time of momentary bewilderment. This occurred but a short few months after my initiation when I was still in great need of that guidance of a courtly soul who could perceive the problem that assailed me, who was not of that race yet found himself deep in their philosophy.

68.It has been found that few experience this manifestation frequently, yet once it has been manifested it will be repeated should the need arise and there are some who have had frequent experiences of being led to unusual persons who helped them attain great advancement.

69. Another, and to some the most important function, of this phase, is related to the physical body, its physical development and power. This is related to the question of evolution solely because it has been found that when the body is kept at the peak of its power the inner core has a deeper freedom to achieve its sublime purpose. In the fourth manifestation of this phase the initiate receives into his/her body a power from the immeasurable which surcharges all his tissues, fitting them to withstand amazing manifestation, one which I have many times witnessed or experienced myself and have seen my brothers of the Inner Courts also manifest it.

70. I find it difficult to describe it but I can liken it to a warm, soft flush over the body giving the sense of a deep reserve power. As one feels this, all sense of inadequacy to meet physical demands fades away and it is possible to undertake many tasks that fall to one without questioning for a moment the strength that will be required. I found myself undertaking tasks which, when I lived in your country as a young man, would have been considered foolhardy, yet many years later when I reached the stage where strength would be declining I could exhibit much more physical power than I ever could in my life before. I know it did not come from any physical source, and that there was only one way it could have entered my body. I have frequently discussed with my brothers and they all agree that when the immeasurable guides an initiate to perform some tasks it also provides the physical force.

71. Along with the influx of strength there comes often a further manifestation, which has widespread effect in the physical body of the initiates. This is the form of power that enters the mind from the immeasurable and reaches out to every cell of physical tissue causing the cells to divide rapidly, regardless of the age or sex of the initiate, and thus causing new flesh to develop in a continual growth. The result of this amazing function is to cause the initiate to have a youthful body, filled with all the vigour and strength of youth regardless of age. I have myself seen this manifested in persons of advanced age and from the very day they first manifested this power their physical tissue took on a new glow of health and reached new standards of regrowth.

72.I am fully satisfied that the immeasurable mind plans the growth and detail of each initiate's body and as the initiate progresses along the scale of development his body is developed in such a way that it will be a more fitting temple for the high force. Do not misunderstand, my venerable friend, this function cannot be manifested unless the purpose is to advance the service the initiate is to render or to fit him better to pursue his progress along his pathway to the ultimate. The brothers of the Inner Temple are all noticeable examples of this great power for, while they are mostly much more aged in years than the ordinary Lama, they all possess robust, vital bodies, filled with strength and created of strong, new tissue. Truly the immeasurable does perform wonders.

73.Now the sixth function of this phase is one that must be fully explained, my venerable friend, for it is the one in which some of the initiates destroy all their accomplishment*. It is the one in which the initiate is given power of sending his intellect or conscious mind right away from his body, directing it to any part of the material earth he desires to visit, and then recalling it still conscious of all that it has seen. This faculty must be used only at the immeasurable will and to further its purpose or to make the initiate a better channel for the expression of the infinite.

74. Long before entering the Inner Temple I had heard of this practice and had doubted it could be performed with the ease I now know is possible. Truly the intellect, or that part of life that sees and records its observations, and does leave the body and travel great distances, observe detail at those distances and return, giving to the mind as a whole an accurate picture of where it has been and what it has seen. This function occurs at the immeasurable will and is preceded by a short, deep meditation. My own experience is that one may be absent from the physical for several hours without incurring the slightest shock.

75.I have frequently visited the world I used to know since coming to the High Plateau and in this way I have observed and been kept informed on many of the events of that world. Many of my brothers have in a like manner gained much knowledge, which has helped them to do their own work. I have no hesitation in saying that in this function the immeasurable removes, to a great extent, the limitations, which restrict the physical flesh and thus confine humans to a small horizon. Within this power I have been able to be present and thus observe the need of humans whom I sought to help and whom the immeasurable had directed me to serve. In this way I was able to see with my inner intellect what their need was and thus so work that they were bro8ught into the influence of astral guidance and protection.

76. This is a part of the work of the Inner Courts, which I can only just mention to you but you will understand that the services rendered from the Inner Courts are not ordinarily spoken of. However, I have felt that this was one of the greatest joys that came with initiation.

77. The seventh function of the second phase is one that has a particular influence on the onward progress of the cosmic core, for it aids an initiate to manifest and demonstrate new talents, skills or powers of expression which can be directly used to further the development of the inner core. We know that actions in physical life shape and develop the core and that this development determines much of the progress the core makes toward its ultimate. This is particularly true where the core is advancing a stage during one physical life. The skills, talents and new expression all being of the type that cause the initiate to render services that bring rich, infinite rewards. This must not be confused with the other instructive powers that are manifested in other phases of the immeasurable. They too make the initiate a more useful physical being, but do not have a deep bearing ion the evolutionary progress.

78. The final-eighth manifestation of this phase is a function that comes to the initiate only when he has clearly established his progressive force. It permits him to choose, whilst in this physical life, the nature of the channel for his rebirth back on to the physical earth. This does not mean he can choose the actual being who shall give physical form to his core, but he can choose the type of being he would be part of in the new life. My brothers have frequently talked about this function and it has been felt that it ensures only a brief pause in the astral between physical life experiences, thus assuring a much more rapid progress to the ultimate.

79. In Tibet there are many initiates who have knowledge that their present life is in a channel chosen by them in a previous life experience and they find as a result that they came into life with their sense of purpose heightened far beyond that held by ordinary people. I am fully convinced, my venerable friend, that it is desirable we attain this gift and I feel that it is a crowning function of the several that in various ways are designed to help the initiate in his/her search for the ultimate.

80.The whole question of soul evolution is very vital to the existence of the Inner Court, where it is desired that men and women shall present themselves for ultimate perfection; that the high purpose shall be not only the manifestation of the immeasurable functions but the creation of a steady progress toward the ultimate, for we believe that when enough beings have returned to the ultimate stage they will aid in the creation of a new consciousness on the physical earth and the true existence of  a race of men who are dedicated to high service. When that is accomplished the will of the immeasurable rather than the will of the material man will prevail on earth and that will be a happy day for all men. We in the Inner Courts believe, my friend, that this day will surely come and our thought and effort is bent to that end at all times.

81. We are servants of the immeasurable seeking only its highest purpose and I know you may so speak of us to others who may not understand the true purpose of our mission. Only that an end should be made to the many misconceptions about our purpose has promoted our revered head (9th Panchen Lama) to grant me the right to present the truth to you, and from our talks together I feel you will understand with sympathy that we do not want misunderstanding of our purpose.

82. I have told you of the first two phases of the immeasurable. These have to be manifested in such a way that the initiate can be a channel through which all of them can be manifested as need arises and at the will of the immeasurable itself. not at the will of the initiate. It is necessary that I make this clear to you, my friend, for I believe you understood that we of the Inner Courts had the power to express all of the immeasurable functions at our own will. This is not true. An initiate seeks to serve, not order. His or her whole purpose is to offer his physical self upon the altar of our courts and then to follow where the leading directs. Service may be given with astral aid or may be given on the physical plane through the strength generated with the aid of some of the functions in the second phase of the physical Universe.

83. Once an initiate demonstrates through service his supreme fitness he may then manifest the third group of functions. These are the highest functions of the immeasurable for they are of the cosmic and cover powers that transcend anything that can be done by astral beings. Even in the Inner Courts we know little of the Cosmic beings except that we have established belief that once a core has reached the high; levels of evolution it does not remain on the astral plane in the intervals between life experiences but passes directly into the cosmic plane for a period of service there, and later descends to the astral plane about the time of rebirth. We also believe that those who have attained the ultimate remain as cosmic beings and serve the Great Universal Mind to operate and control the manifold movements of the Universe.

84.At once I must make clear that we do not call these beings masters, as I understand is done by the seers of your own country, but rather we know them as intelligences given vast powers; our contact with them is impersonal, through vibratory influences that we manifest within our own minds. It is not an easy thing to manifest the cosmic force and I was an initiate many years before I was able to do so; however, once an initiate has received cosmic impulses he will find himself almost constantly employed, for it seems clear to us that the cosmic intelligence does seek wide earth expression. Truly its powers are far beyond the material, yet they can be translated into material actions and can change the whole concept of living.

85.This is the glorious period of Inner Court experience and I feel it necessary to make clear that all who are in the Inner Courts eventually attain the Cosmic communion and through it enter a new world of reality. I say this because there are those who felt that all initiates did not attain this great joy. I feel sure that all who dedicate themselves to initiation and faithfully follow the path will arrive at the state of cosmic oneness (Cosmic Fusion).

86. This cosmic phase is divided into four single functions that I may tell you of and two that are revealed only through Cosmic Instruction. The first cosmic impulse is one that directs creative impulse into the mind, sending direct vibrations from the high realms far beyond the earth plane. These impulses may be likened unto seeds that grow quickly into physical expression and this causes the initiate to have creative ideas far different from those developed in the material world. (see Solar Planes) My venerable friend, the creative works of the Inner Courts are among the most beautiful upon the material earth. Truly in them the earth beauty and cosmic beauty have been blended in splendid abandon. Colour, line, form, all reach up to give a cosmic purity beautiful to behold. The range of creative works is wide and almost every field is represented. I have seen this with my own eyes.

87. The material world needs deeply to attain the beauty of the immeasurable and it will do so only when many people have bowed low at the altar of initiation and sought to attain the most high.

88. The second cosmic function provides for the physical being receiving a force of power, which may be re-expressed as very powerful voice vibrations or through strong vibratory actions that give a new quality to every action. This cosmic power force is one that enables any initiate to become oblivious to normal physical demands and to have power of resistance to fatigue that cannot be overcome in any ordinary way. I have seen initiates of the Inner Temple who have had the frailest physical bodies set out on journeys that a physically strong man would hesitate to commence. Yet these seemingly frail brothers made the journey without the slightest effort, returning as refreshed as when they set out. These men were accompanied by porters who were not initiates and on the return the porters were worn and tired by their exertions.

89. The most recent such experience was my journey from Lahassa to Urga (Ulaanbaatar), made on foot, and I feel I can say that the long mountain journey has not had the slightest effect on me. In fact I am more refreshed now than before I made it. All through the journey I was conscious of power forces pouring through my body, sustaining me and lifting me up. On several occasions I had enjoyed similar experiences and have seen so many examples of it that I know the higher initiate can be assured of meeting no physical demand that he will not be given the power to meet. This power comes, not at his seeking, but automatically; with a simple surge flowing from the region of the brain down and over the whole body in a warm flow as if the body was being enveloped in a shower bath. (The Atruhm Ray of Jesias) It has many different forms and seems to be regulated to meet many needs.

90. In the third of the cosmic functions there is the only manifestation that is not first manifested in the initiates own mind. This covers the peculiar cosmic manifestations known to us as space pictures. I have seen many space pictures and can assure you they are not mirages, but actual pictures created out of light which are suspended in space very much like a common rainbow, yet they are full of detail and have been known to remain for a full day and then to be visible several times again in the same detailed form. How they are formed I do not know, but it is obvious that they fill a definite instructional need. In every case in my knowledge, the object of these pictures was to carry information, which requires some visible instruction beyond what can be given directly into the mind by an astral instructor.

91. My first experience was in suddenly seeing a complete plan of work I was then engaged in appear in glowing colour against the wall in front of me. I examined it closely and saw it was away from the stone and was clearly suspended in space. This plan was before me for a long time while I made a working copy. This was not the first experience I had had with this remarkable function, and many of my brothers have continually seen such pictures for many years. I have been told that the Potala in Lhassa was first seen in the form of a large space picture, which appeared where Potala now stands.

92. The final power of the Cosmic Force, which I can relate, is that which provides actual protection and guidance for the initiate as he/she seeks to carry out the will of the immeasurable. It is a final manifestation that comes to the faithful initiate when he suddenly knows that from that moment onwards he will be guided and protected hour by hour, simply because, having attained all stages of manifestation, he is one with the immeasurable mind, free from every physical consideration and able to devote his entire physical life without a moment of restraint. With this consciousness there comes a great sense of power, of freedom from fear, from danger, each day of life itself. Truly, my venerable friend, this is magnificent consciousness.

93. Now these are the various functions of the immeasurable and now I must set down some other thoughts that you may have a wholly complete knowledge of the purity and power of the Inner Courts. It is essential that you should know that the Lamaistic Teachings are not Buddhist in conception even though they observe some of the Buddhist Rites. Actually these teachings are an expression of the immutable laws that can be expressed through human action. In the Inner Courts we intensify this view for there it is known that every vibration must be given its full expression. In the Inner Courts we do not expect that the immeasurable will move for the good of humans without co-operation. It is true that in some of the Lamaistic rites there are strange, dramatic representations-these represent astral and cosmic beings although they are never so explained to the followers of such rites.

94. Previously I have referred to the fact that the rite of purification is described as a "light bath"; this is because the manifestation of any function is attended by a flood of light, which is seen by the inner eye. Where this light originates I cannot tell, but it is definitely part of the immeasurable phenomena and proceeds from within the being, not from without. In almost every case there is this light manifestation and the various phases have different colours. Blue, in various shades, arises with the astral functions; rose, shading from purest pink to deep red rose, occurs with evolutionary functions (Sub-Rays –of Creation directed by Lord Makhimsih-The Buddha), and in the case of cosmic powers the light is white (silver-of high spirit). Now as we know the material substances emanate the green shades of light we find the entire spectrum represented. I can offer no reason for this, but it is part of the manifestation to be anticipated.

95. Now I have told you something if the Inner Core of being and I want to stress to you that this is life, not the material substance of which the body is composed. This core is infinite and has no end. Realising this, we of the Inner Courts do not know death as the people of your country and do not experience grief. This is a particular joy and remedies all the stress that is associated with the thought practices so common among the uninitiated.

96. You have asked me something of the reliance placed upon the astrological laws of the High Plateau. Now I can tell you this. The Tibetan people realise that all material substance is affected by the vibrations that strike the earth from the other planetary bodies. So clear is the knowledge of this matter that every action, of people or state, is regulated by the current horoscope, which is erected by the state astrologer. In the Tibetan system there are 72 divisions, rather than twelve know by the Occidental world. This originates from the Lodge of the 72 Light Rays and of Solar Origin. This system recognises that every person emanates a constant stream of vibrations, nearly all of them invisible. It is these invisible vibrations that come into harmony or conflict with other vibrations emanating from the planets-and Universal Edges. We know that where there is harmony in the vibratory state of a being, his material values will be enhanced. In like manner, where there is disharmony destructive reactions set in.

97. I must make clear to you, my venerable friend, that in this question of astrological vibrations we know them to be part of the immeasurable. Hence we have found that when the horoscope of an initiate is favourable he may find it possible to manifest the immeasurable functions in a fuller way that at any other time. From this we feel sure that the immeasurable manifestations are directly controlled by the external planetary vibrations (the planets are used under the Great Law to lessen the power or step down of the Solar Rays to safe levels,) and that these in direct union create conditions favourable to both material actions and the evolution of the cosmic core of each being. Before entering the Inner Courts, my knowledge of these matters was almost nothing, but now I am convinced they play a deep part in shaping the course of every being.

98. My venerable friend, I have set down for you some of the answers to the questions you asked during our talks together and I hope these will help you to understand why I feel that in the Inner Courts there lies the very secret of evolving life. I give thanks that I have been permitted to set down what I have learned, so that you, in this way, may pass this knowledge on to those seers of your own country who have long desired to know the truth. Only when the truth as it is known in the Inner Courts is made clear to all those who seek conscious union with the Immeasurable will the age of blessed light dawn. That age when beings will look not for the material evidence but for the Immeasurable Presence in every being is not far off, and when it dawns the peace of the lotus heart, the profound peace will enfold all who come near its fragrance.

May that fragrance now enfold you and grant you strength and peace forever.




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