What are the Different Types of Golf Carts?

Most people who love and are addicted to playing golf can go to any extreme for the game. They can even spend more amount of money on purchasing golf equipment, supplies, and even personal golf carts. Buying your own golf cart is a dream for every golf player. You can get the best deals on club car in golf car deals at the patriot RV discount center, who are expert in offering golf carts for great prices. There are different types of golf carts available in the market and you can choose the best one that suits you.

Push Carts:

No one likes to carry the golfing items in their bag all through the course. Hiring a buggy will be a perfect option. Pushcarts are the most affordable golf cart type and they become more popular because they are inexpensive and easy to control. Most of the push carts have three wheels and are slightly bigger than pull carts.

Pull Carts:

Pull carts are two-wheeled vehicles that you can drag behind you. These types of carts are great for young kids and new golfers, who don’t like to carry more clubs. They are light in weight which makes them super easy to bring to the course. Also, pull carts are easy to fold and reassemble, so you can save more space in your garage.

Gas Carts:

This type of cart is more powerful than any other type because they have engines that are similar to the cars rather than running on a battery. Gas carts are noisier than electric carts and it needs regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire changes, engine upkeep, etc in order to run for a longer period of time.

Electric Carts:

Electric carts are the most popular type of golf cart, and it is more popular among people for various reasons. This is because they are quiet on the course and require little maintenance, which helps in saving you more money on gas and repairs.

Electric golf carts use batteries to run an electric motor and the batteries are charged when you plug the cart into the wall socket. Elder people and even people with disability can be able to travel in this type of golf cart because it comes with enhanced safety features.

Diesel Carts:

Diesel carts are similar to gas carts, but they produce more air and noise pollution. This type of golf cart is suitable for the one who gets better gas mileage and can provide more power to the course. If you want to travel long distances or go over a lot of hills, diesel carts are the perfect option.

Buying a new golf cart will make you peace of mind knowing that all the parts are new and won’t need any repairs and maintenance for a while. From the above, you can get a clear understanding of the different types of golf carts.  

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