What are the Most Important Water Parameters for a Reef Tank?

Everyone loves to add corals to their reef tanks. But before you add those, you need to make sure that you have your water on the correct point. Reef tank water perimeters are important for the health and well-being of everything you can add to your aquarium like corals. You can easily get the corals for your aquarium from clickcorals. They provide different types of clams and corals for sale for their customers and also they have enough experience in helping their customers for selecting specific corals with their water parameters.

Important Water Parameters For Reef Tank:

Maintaining a proper water parameter is one of the most important responsibilities associated with aquarium keeping. Fluctuations in the water parameters such as temperature, salinity, pH, ammonia, or nitrate will result in serious conditions for your tank inhabitants, algae, blooms, etc. The following are some of the most important reef tank parameters and make sure you are getting appropriate reef tank water conditions.


Measuring the alkalinity in the water is a way to estimate the amount of bicarbonate present in the water. Bicarbonate is a molecular compound that is useful for the health of reef tanks. It impacts the pH of the water and it affects the available bicarbonate in your reef tank because bicarbonate is one of the main ingredients used in building the coral skeletons. For this, you need to keep the alkalinity in an appropriate range and make sure your tank has sufficient bicarbonate for the corals to grow. The deal alkalinity for a reef tank is 8 to 12 dkh.


Ammonia occurs naturally as a byproduct of the organic waste which is breaking down in your reef tank. It gets into your tank when your fish pee and when food or other biological components gets rot. Ammonia causes a toxic waste problem in your aquarium tank and burns your saltwater fish and corals. A fully functioning biological filter helps in protecting your tank by removing ammonia in the water. The ideal ammonia level for a reef tank aquarium is 0 ppm.


Calcium is an important element in a reef tank for small polyp stony and large polyp stony coral health. Corals don’t have bones, but they are having bony skeletons which are made from calcium. It is most important for the reef tank aquarium water parameters, especially for the stony coral species. The optimal reef tank calcium level is to be about 440 ppm.


Nitrate is also an important parameter to monitor in your reef tank. The presence of low levels of nitrate nitrates in your water tank can be considered a good thing, which means your biological filter is working in a good condition. It is good to keep the nitrate levels as close to 0 ppm in your saltwater aquarium.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the different water parameters to check in your reef tank. Maintain their levels in a perfect range in order to make your species and corals healthy inside your aquarium.

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