Election 2008

Searches to execute in hopes of researching my vote...

in the aggregate, by office sought

state board of education
u-m board of regents
msu trustees
wsu guvs
charter commission
probate court
macomb community college

individual names, mcc trustees

david santia
nancy falcone sullivan
joseph backus
connie bolanowski
frank desantis
john diluca
stuart jason
michael kelly
edward o'neil
sebastian previti

specific web pages

connie bolanowski
tooth fairy
assistance league (pdf)
macomb county campaign finance
ino.com university board bios
gannett voter guide
public office is a public trust
frank r. desantis, lawyer
globalization in the banana republic (pdf)
john diluca wrote...
kathryn george under fire
more trash talk
guardianship firm resigning probate court
forums, news talk
lahr questionnaire
mlive voter guide
nancy falcone sullivan
mlive pr newswire
dleg advisory
social justice journalism award
chamber of commerce, athena
uaw local 6000
crime pays @ leadership institute
macomb democrats
living wage
clinton delegate
michigan liberal
romeo observer
don brown defeated sebastian previti
michigan party rental

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