The Mechanics of the Golf Swing

Josephine Michelle Draus

I. Pre-shot factors and routine

A. grip

1. Strong, neutral, weak and how they affect the swing. Also a discussion of different instructors' programs. My preference is neutral to slightly strong unless one has a bad hooking problem.

2. Stance...parallel left (or parallel right for lefties) the intended target line, or trajectory apex line when curving a shot. Heels more accurate than toes because the toe line is open when heel line is square. The knees, hips and shoulders will tend to follow heel line for balance during swing. Toe line is mesleading and leads to a "closed address."

3. Posture--knees slightly flexed (about 12-15 degrees). Body bent or tilted from grips about 21-30 degrees depending on person's height and the length of the club they are using. This is to maintain spinal curves when standing straight, in spite of the torse tilt. The thoracic region has a normal slight hunched curve that is accentuated by the shoulder blades "winging" out slightly to allow the hands to be joined together with axes close to each other.

4. Forward press followed by grip press and head rotation away (Right for right handed, left for left handed) to trigger smooth swing.

B. Rhythm and the golf swing

1. Starts at forward press

2. increases during takeaway

3. maintained to

List of all training equipment

I. Set of golf clubs

A. Anatomy of a golf club

1. Shaft

2. Grip

3. Clubhead

4. Loft and lie

B. Selecting proper equipment

1. Clubhead speed and shaft design

2. Swing tempo and shaft design

3. Clubhead style and handicap index

4. Grip style and swing style

5. Loft and lie is critical and individual

C. Individualizing the prescription for a set of clubs

1. Height of golfer and lie angle

2. Length of shaft and lie angle

3. Flex point and its relationship to clubhead speed and swing tempo and shaft flex

II. Golf related training equipment

A. The weighted golf club--The most important trainint aid.

1. Types of weighted clubs--hittable and non-hittable

B. Other weighted training aids

1. Mojo® and similar devices

2. Bent weight swing trainers

3. Straight weighted swing trainers

C. Tempo trainers

1. Swing timers

2. Flexible clubs

3. Breakaway clubs

III. Other non-golf related training equipment

A. Weights

1. Freeweights

2. Cable weights

3. Nautilus® machines

4. Universal® machines

5. Hydraulic machines

B. Stretchers

1. Splits stretchers

2. Pulley stretchers

3. Bar stretcher

4. Floor stretches and yoga

5. Rotary waist systems

C. Elastic resistance cables

1. Basic principles

2. Limitations

3. Elastic tubing

4. Elastic cable

5. Elastic machines

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