Subject: Grocery Store Revenge!
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 23:42:20 GMT
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From: Michael Straight 
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  Okay, everyone....a true story of justice in the good old U.S. of A.
  Thought y'all might enjoy this; if nothing else, it shows internet
  justice, if it can be called that. 

My wife and I had just finished shopping at Harris Teeter in Chapel Hill,
NC and were going through the checkout line.  The cashier asked if I would
like a card that would let them keep track of all my purchases in their
database.  "I'm afraid not," I said with a small frown.  "Well," she said,
"would you let us buy your grocery list?"

"How much," I asked? "We'll give you discounts worth up to two-fifty," she
replied with a cute smile.  Thinking of how much I could really use a
couple hundred bucks, I signed up and asked her to subtract the discount
from my tab.

When she had finished ringing up our groceries and handed me the receipt,
I looked at the bottom and it said, "YOU HAVE SAVED $2.50 WITH YOUR VIC
CARD."  Boy was I upset!!  I told the cashier that when she said
"two-fifty" I did not realize she only meant a couple dollars and change. 

I told her I didn't want them using my grocery list anymore and offered to
give back the money, but she said once it had been entered into the
computer database, there was no way to erase it...the list would stand. 

I waited, thinking of how I could get even or even try and get any of my
grocery list back. 

I said, "Okay, you folks got my grocery list for only $2.50, and now I'm
going to have $2.50 worth of fun." I told her that I was going to see to
it that every computer in the whole world would be able to get my grocery
list for nothing. She replied, "I wish you wouldn't do this." I said, "I'm
sorry but this is the only way I feel I could get even," and I will.

So, here it is, and please pass it to someone else or run a few copies...
Harris Teeter paid for it; now you can have it for free. 

1 bag grapefruit
2.76 lbs. eggplant
1.10 lbs. rutabaga
1 can "Dell Monte" sliced pinapple
1 can "Dell Monte" pickled beets
2 cans "Harris Teeter" kidney beans
2 cans "Harris Teeter" cut okra
1.20 lbs. cous cous yellow
1 package "Harris Teeter" croutons
1 can "Bacos" salad seasoning
1 box "Rice-a-Roni" Cajun Shrimp 
1 box "Stove Top" stuffing
3 packages "Campbells" baked ramen
2 cans "Hormel" potted meat food product
1 bottle "Caladryl" lotion
1 box "Q-tips" 300 ct.
1 jar "Harris Teeter" yellow mustard
1 jar "Harris Teeter" peanut butter
1 jar "Pace" picante sauce (red hot)
1 box "Fruit Roll-ups" 24 ct.
1 box "Slim Jims" 32 ct.
1 bottle "Mrs. Dash" seasoning
1 box "Sweet-n-Low" 250 ct.
1 box "Quaker" instant grits
1 box "Genreral Mills French Toast Crunch" cereal
1 box "Kellogs All Bran" cereal
1 can "Juicy Juice" Cherry
2 cans "Juicy Juice" Orange Punch
2 packages "Harris Teeter" beef bologna
1 magazine "Sassy"
1 magazine "Family Circle"
3 boxes "Jell-o" Kiwi-Strawberry
6 cans "Ultra Slim-Fast" French Vanilla
2 cans "Pringles" Sour-Cream and Onion chips
1 bag "Harris Teeter" hotdog buns 8 ct.
1 "Harris Teeter" low-fat cottage cheese
2 packages "Kraft Lowfat Singles"
1 tub "Country Crock" margarine
8 "Tina's" beef-n-bean burritos
1 box "Lean Pockets" Beef Broccoli
1 bag "Ore Ida Golden Crinkles"

 Have fun!!! This is not a joke --- this is a true story. That's it.
 Please, pass it along to everyone you know, mailing lists, single
 people, married people, people living in sin, etc... 

  Talk about's his world, we just live in it!

Ride free, citizen! 


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