Quotations with links

"... a long time ago I decided that there is no privacy in anything digital (which is both a beautiful and a terrifying thing, depending on how much you know about technology). Knowing a bit myself, but not quite enough, I've decided to try and flood the network with as much information about myself as possible in the naive and desperate hope that by creating more positive and truthful information I can counter whatever lies may someday be advanced against what I'm really up to."--Chris Messina quoted by Brian C. Russell

"To the non-expert there seems to be an alarming freeness among economists to rather arbitrarily hold some things to be totally fixed and others to be totally elastic while a willingness to overlook that a lot of life is sticky, and no place more perhaps than in price."--Bruce Webb

"9/11--the bad cop's best friend (and it turns out there are a lot of bad cops.)"--Randolph Fritz

"Of course Aristide has been 'polarizing'. That is like saying that two men kissing on the quad at Oral Roberts University is polarizing. If you don't want to be polarizing figure in Haiti, just accept the continued super-exploitation of 95 percent of the population with equanimity. Despite being a priest, Aristide would have none of that. "--Louis Proyect

"With all that we have learned, we should be helping our heterosexual brothers and sisters out of their state-defined prisons, not volunteering to join them there."--Jane Rule, quoted by Women's Space

"Just look at average nation-to-nation trade talks. 'Cooperate to remain competitive' 'Remain competitive in a cooperative manner' ???? That's not going to work. Smashmouth competition is really not conducive to loving cooperation."--Wingnut - MaStars

"I'm paraphrasing Bruce Sterling here, but if you give a totalitarian government a hammer, they'll beat you on the head with it. If you distribute hammers to the population of a relatively free society, they'll build houses. Modern information technologies are the hammers and we all have them (the digital divide notwithstanding) and so does the government. We need to be realistic about that and get on with the house-building."--Bill Simmon

"A rough definition of money is 'the ability to make other people work'."--Borisas Cimbleris

"Another thing that the 'local God' learned to teach his disciples... is to 'frown-down-upon' layers BELOW any given layer... and think of those lower layers... as 'lessers' and 'servants to your layer'. And... KEEP LAYERS BELOW YOURS BROKE AND SCRAMBLING FOR BUX... (good for dutifulness) and... MAKE THEM BLAME/FIGHT-WITH EACH OTHER ON THEIR OWN LAYER over the problem(s). "--Wingnut - MaStars

"The relationship between God and humanity is that of omniscient father and obedient child. Those personalities who broke out of that and displayed intellectual curiosity (Eve) or a certain brassy chutzpah (Lucifer) which I think of as indispensable qualities of a revolutionary (to say nothing of a sense of humor), certainly did not advance very far in God's system."--Stacia

"It's hard to understand all this right-wing fury at the friggin' CIA, for god's sake. But throughout history, insane evil leaders have spent most of their time being insanely angry at the people who share the same evil goals but want to go about it in a more rational manner."--Jonathan Schwarz

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