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These slogans come in a variety of sizes suitable for t-shirts, bumper stickers, banner ads in samizdat web pages, opportunities to get a few words edgewise in conversations, crop circle calligraphy, subvertisements and other noncommercial means by which the paid-for media (the Terawatt Network) might occasionally be bypassed.

Slogans for grass roots use, Volume 2

Volume 1

It's not that I don't buy Melitta™'s claim that their practices are just as conscientious as those of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee. I choose to buy Fair Trade coffee for purely ideological reasons.

Melitta™ is to the coffee industry as Nucor™ is to the steel industry. A contrived 'poster boy' for the innocuousness of so-called 'open shop.'

Whole Foods™ is as close to an 'informationally open shop' I've ever heard of in the business community, but much more needs to be done.

Look up "open humanity" at, as well as "transparent accounting" at arch-neoclassicalist David Friedman's infamous Journal of Interesting Economics. Those people are definitely ONTO SOMETHING.

Data mining is to statistics as SQL is to double-entry-bookkeeping. All four disciplines are transparency engines with applications to asymmetry engineering that are obvious, cheap and easy to implement. Reverse engineering is an example of a discipline that takes discipline.

It had to happen. A television ad for Dial-A-Christian-Contractor (or words to that effect), so you can "find a home improvement contractor you trust."

I used to answer the mostly middle-class civilians with their "I'd fight to the death for your freedom..." speeches with, "If you do, PLEASE don't start your career as a freedom fighter at the U.S. military recruiting station, as you'd really be fighting to make the world safe for Capitalism.

Machiavelli devoted a whole chapter to the subject of mercenaries. Read it!

In Afghanistan, soldiers of many free nations, mostly traditionally or majority Christian, are fighting to defend a regime which they created, and which actively persecutes Christians.

We want our Constitution back!

Switzerland didn't adopt women's sufferage until 1981. Sweden didn't adopt separation of church and state until 2003[? must look up]. Democracy is on the march, and must remain on the march ON ALL FRONTS.

Back when I was in high school, on career day, I asked the polite uniformed man whether the US military was union shop. He answered in the negative, but said that members of Sweden's armed forces did have a union. As a caveat, this was a long time ago. Policies may have changed.

Also during the early eighties, on at least two occasions I remember, newspaper headlines told of Soviet subs caught snooping around in Swedish territorial waters. They were caught by the apparently unionized navy of the non-NATO country of Sweden, their subs boarded and their crews questioned.

India, the nation that in a more innocent age gave us the notion of a "nonaligned movement," is now a nuclear power, with a freshly-inked deal to trade mangoes for weaponizable nuclear technology.

A one-super-power world is MUCH more in need of a nonaligned movement than a two-super-power world.

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